Darker than Black – Now and Then

Yin's Tears

Hei, you bastard! What did you do to her?!

A brief comparison between the first season and the current one.

Darker than Black (Season 1)


The first two episodes introduced Shinado Chiaki, a woman who was on the run because she acquired rare information about Contractors and PANDORA. Hei makes his first appearance as a new resident in Japan and an innocent bystander who got caught up with Chiaki. However, this “coincidental” meeting turned out to be planned well in advance and nothing more than a job for the infamous BK201.


The third episode began another story, one about Kashiwagi Mai. Her father was one of the few who made it back from an expedition into Hell’s Gate. Yet, over time, the charm he got for Mai weakened and finally, it was unable prevent Mai from becoming Contractor. Her ability was to combust things at will.


Darker than Black – Gemini of the Meteor (Season 2)

NOTE: Highlight for the actual episode summaries.

Considering how open the first season ended and the amount of action in the initial three episodes, the sequel should be better. It starts out with a Russian teen who was caught in a battle involving international intelligence agencies. Her normal life was changed forever when a friend turned into a Contractor and her father assassinated by masked man. Her father’s assistant and guardian was killed by the same person, her fate left in the murderer’s hands.

Let’s take a look at episode one…

Pecha in the Tub


Escaping during the confusion, Suou meets up with Nika and after making some plans, the two part ways. Suou intended to flush out Hei while Nika would infiltrate the Russian compound to rescue Tanya. The girl quickly encountered her target and was questioned once again for the Meteor Fragment. Before he could continue, they were interrupted by the Russian military and another fight ensued. It involved even more Contractors.

Maybe the second episode will have something more substantial.






At least Hei was there…

After losing his powers, BK201 collapsed. If it wasn’t for Suou, they would’ve been captured. The two used an abandoned shack to recouperate and hide from authorities. While messing with her stuff, they discovered a note left by Shion to meet them in Japan. Knowing where to go now, the two attempted to sneak aboard a train. However, they were quickly discovered and since Hei was no longer a Contractor, the odds were not in their favor. Things were looking grim when Suou finally snapped. She saw Nika get killed by Tanya, swarmed by the bugs she controlled. Screaming, she somehow retrieved a rifle and used it to incapacitate the other Contractors. She was about to finish Tanya off when Hei stopped her. Taking advantage of the confusion, the two escaped and took with them MI6’s Doll, July.

Maybe three’s the charm?




Things look so very wrong… when taken out of context.

I’m not complaining too much about the second season… yet. I’m still loyal due to the amazing quality of the first season but… certain things are bugging me. First, Code Geass‘s Gefjun Disturber system reappears.

Gefjun Disrupter

Now we have creepy twins. Definitely Contractors but very creepy nonetheless.


But the one thing that pushes the limit is Suou’s rifle summon. That was very out of place. An important detail to note is the lack of the blue glow that other Contractors have when using their powers. Then again, she pulls a rifle out of nowhere in a “magical girl transformation”-style, complete with pink sparkles.






And of course, borderline excessive fanservice. I’ve associated Darker than Black with action but the way things are going, it might not be pure for long…


4 Responses

  1. Everything I wanted from the original series but didn’t get materializes here!

  2. Things look so very wrong… when taken out of context.

    LOL Hei. Yea, her rifle summon was kinda… odd, I mean a rifle? Also, Tanya’s power is just awful. didn’t think about it, but if they start magical girl transforms… ugh, I’m doubtful of it.

    This development is pretty wicked on some level, and I’m wondering about the relation between the dolls and Suou, and wtf Shion. I’m guessing that meteor fragment is of a different kind, but who knows… plenty of shit for the creators to work with.

    Also, I remember around episode 4 of the first series was when I put it on infinite hold, I didn’t like it. Totally different take, when I came back to it in December 07.


  3. An important detail to note is the lack of the blue glow that other Contractors have when using their powers.

    Actually, she did have that, when she first turns and Mao is looking at her from behind, she glows blue and that’s when she summons the rifle. Although I really do hope she can do more than just summon old rifles.

  4. ommmmmggg that was hilarious!!! lol hei always looked like a player to me=] but i LOVE DTB!!! It is my favorite anime ♥♥

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