Psycho Staff

Huge Breasts

From the author of Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer


Not Cute Normally

If you’ve read Mizukami Satoshi‘s aforementioned work, you’ll get a sense of familiarity. They both involve powerful interplanetary characters and a mission to save the world. Well, not exactly. One desires to save the world only to destroy it with her own hands while the other wants to prevent the city from going up in a sea of flames. Not exactly the same but close enough. As for the art, Princess Samidare really resembles Sakuragi Umeko.

Love Bento Plan


The story focuses on Hiiragi Kouchi and his special abilities. According to Umeko, he’s a B-class psychic and a very valuable asset to the “Space ESPer Corps” if he joins. Her homeworld R’lyeh had been fighting against the rival planet Yaddith for hundreds of years. Hence, every ounce of strength would help. However, Kouchi refused due to personal reasons.


My Face

Fingers are worrying me

Umeko is not easily shaken. She begins a campaign to win his allegiance. First with force… then with love. It had some success.

A Curse

After reading this, there was something missing. It felt incomplete. Sure, the beginning had a good start and the ending was pleasant. However, the stuff in the middle wasn’t engaging enough. There was no substantial conflict. When a real one finally appeared, it happened so suddenly… and ended in a similar abrupt fashion.

Overall, I’m favoring Mizukami Satoshi‘s other works more than this one. If you’re looking for something similar to Psycho Staff, read Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer. However, the best one that I’ve come across is Sengoku Youko, a series that I have yet to cover (for now).


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  1. Interplanetary makes me want to enjoy some Keroro! Mois-dono! Natsumi! Kyaaa

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