PSA: Fairy Tale is an unfunny Bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo


There was nothing noteworthy to cap in this episode.

I figured I should do a few public service announcements for shows this season that are not immediatly recognizable as shite.  This is one of them. DO NOT WATCH FAIRY TALE.  I don’t follow the manga, but the anime appears to be hopeless. It is as if they took away the comedy, random events and main charachter of Bo-bobobo Bo-bobobo and added a few ques from Naruto.  The BGM is not shabby though. Again, DO NOT WATCH IT; just watch bo-bobobo-Bo-bobobo instead. Even if it’s in Dub.


4 Responses

  1. dis anime is epic

  2. No way.
    Fairy tail is way different from Bo-bobo-bobobo-bo!
    Ok, it may seem to have some charastics from Naruto, but it doesn’t look like bo-bobo at all!
    And if you say such comment, you should watch the anime and manga before you say this.
    It’s rude and respectless towarths the fans of Fairy Tail.
    And next to that, if you liked One Piece, you don’t have to make an comment at all. Because it’s from the same guy.

    ps: sorry for the crappy english.

  3. listen stop braging on shows you little pice of crap just because u dont like dosent mean u have to tell other people not to watch it shite bag

  4. You are such a shitty idiot.
    I have seen Fairy Tale & I liked it. In fact, lots of people do.
    Why? It’s good. You better start watching the freaking show before you prove yourself to be a fucking little kid.

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