Otaku no Musume-san – Chapte 28

Rock Bottom

Lonely Night

After making so much progress, it only takes one night to undo it all.

Brief Summary

First, there are some things that should never be mentioned to a lolicon.

Forbidden Zone

So Confusing

They undergo a transformation, enhancing their abilities far beyond those of normal human beings.

Fist of the North Lolicon

Attack of a Lolicon

As for Kouta, living with his daughter definitely changed him. He’s no longer an incorrigible otaku who sunk to the dark depths of society… Well, at least on the surface.

Hidden Stash 1

Hidden Stash 2

Precious Collection

So when Kanau’s spending the night at a friend’s house, Kouta has the room all to himself. That means… he can be free and release his inner spirit, one that had been suppressed for far too long.

All Mine

Private Time


Yet, all it took was one call to crush his hopes. Being a parent is tough.

Return the Room to how it was


Seeing Niichi transform into Ken was just… rofl. That was the highlight of this chapter.

Sometimes, I wonder if that’s how we’ll be when we age and maintain our hobby. A fearful thought to have kids and the responsibility that comes with it. I could sympathsize with Kouta and his suppressed urges. At the same time, the more logical part of my brain would reprimand me for my immaturity and gives a reminder that sacrifices must be made for the greater good. I guess I’ll deal with it when the time comes.

The lack of Haruka makes me sad.


3 Responses

  1. haha. Oh man, maybe there is something in becoming like Soujirou Izumi! kekeke

  2. Enjoy your single life while you can, then, when the time is right, reassess your priorities :)

  3. @RyanA
    If my daughter turns into Konata… I would’ve failed… as a parent.

    I can foresee it going from…
    1) Rei 2) Maid 3) Significant Other
    1) Significant Other 2) Maid 3) Rei
    Nothing drastic but… the possibility is still there

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