Toriko no Onna no Ko (15 Sai)

Wrap this around me

Cable-tan? Is that you?

Brief Summary

For a 24-year-old guy who had never held hands with a gal, getting a 15-year-old high school girl as a roommate is definitely life changing for Tamauchi Yuu. Iwase Maho’s small and cute… but there’s something off about her.

Oh This

Disregarding that, the new roommates got along really well.

Really cute

However, Yuu couldn’t help but notice certain… oddities. Still, it wasn’t enough to warrant concern. After all, she’s just really into cables…

Wonderful Cables

Cable Nerd

It wasn’t til later did he realize the depth of her affection. He was about to enter her room when they bumped into each other. Trying to break his fall, he pulled an USB cable off of her. That caused an unexpected reaction. She suffered withdrawal and changed personalities.

My Cable


It got worse when he actually got into her room. The floor was covered with cables. Not only that, Yuu quickly found out that Maho wears cables as underwear and uses a pile of them for a bed.

Good night

Kinda hot

Trying to ignore the sleeping teen, Yuu went around looking for the vacuum cleaner that ate his homework. He found it… in a very sensitive area. His attempt at retrieval woke her… and caused a chain reaction.

Here it is

I have to pee

Game Controller

On the bright side, Maho returned to normal.

Back to normal

She explained to him why she turned weird. It developed from childhood loneliness. With them wrapped around her, Maho felt comfort and companionship.

Cable Fetishist

Yet, she’s unable to do tie herself up with them. Turning away, she asked for his help. However, seeing the truth, Yuu made a bold move. Instead of wrapping her with cables, he wrapped her up in his arms. He provided real human comfort, something that cannot be replaced.

Just Lonely

Which do you prefer

Much Warmer

Still, Maho loves her cables.

Slave to her cables


First of all, if you were to replicate Yuu’s actions to most 15-year-old high school girls, you’re liable to face charges of sexual harassment and forever be shunned by “moral”-driven society. But of course, unlike reality, stories like this aren’t bound by legal matters, only by what the author deems right and wrong. Obviously, Maho moving in with an older single man and having a cable fetish is ok.

Well that’s… new? Not the moving in part since that’s common in romance/drama. Maho’s hobby with USB and power cables is certainly unique, and it’s the first time that I’ve seen a suit made out of them. I’ve seen duck tape clothes but making them out of intertwining cables… never.

Short and cute oneshot… but it borders on the realm of pedophilia. Read at your own risk. :)


7 Responses

  1. Japanese fetish of the times it seems.

  2. So cute! :) Well, he can be her onii-chan ^_^

    Guns, cables… I wonder what they will come up with next…

  3. Yea, this was weird, but quite enjoyable! I liked when she pulled the plug from the PS3 *HIGHFIVES* and when he pulled that USB from her… well, I don’t know where that plug was leading, but I hope it wasn’t smelly afterwards =/

    (okay, who am I kidding? *SNIFF SNIFF SNIFFFFFF* mMMMmmMMMMMMMMM!!!)

  4. CABLES. Frome Belowe. XD Oh gawd, as if the age difference and room-mating wasn’t dangerous enough. lol

  5. @Seinime
    Yup though… some may consider it “originality”.

    Forbidden romance~

    Keep in mind that all the cables were plugged in. There might be another purpose than just being wrapped up.

    A very dangerous situation indeed.

  6. This… serious shit. Wow!

    But it’s not pedo if she’s 15. That’s JB category.

  7. I’ve seen enough Hentai to know where the sequel is going.

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