New (and Not So New) Loot


“Squishables” are very… squishy.


First of all, I’ve got new goodies to add to my ever growing collection. I held myself back this time and only got three items. One has a trap. The other is about microbes. My final prize has my three most favorite characters on the covers.



I also have stuff from Otakon 2009 despite my MIA status that weekend. If I’ve gone, I would’ve definitely purchased more, making my wallet suffer and my food budget reliant on instant ramen…


Bishoujo Games


Sho Dojo 1

Sho Dojo 2

Kallen Poster

Now for the real stuff… figurines. For the record, I didn’t purchase Saber Lily.

Fate Unlimited Codes

Saber 1

Saber 2

Saber 3

Saber 4

Saber 5

Saber 6

Saber 7

Saber 8

Saber 9

Saber 10



Saber 13

Saber 14

Saber 15

It took around 7 months for Saber Lily to be delivered to my friend. On the other hand, my Maid Rei took only 5 months and we ordered at the same time. My Rei is obviously better in looks and manners. You can have a lovely cup of tea with her in the morning.

Rei 1

Rei 2

Rei 3

Rei 4

Rei 5

Rei 6

Rei 7

Rei 8

Rei 8

Rei 10

Rei 11

Rei 12

Rei 13

There can be no comparison. Even underneath, Rei is better.


3 Responses

  1. Love dem Clannad shoujo. Also, whoa busty Rei! Cute maid is cute! XD

  2. Nice loot! :)

    I like that squishable beasty :)

    Red hair…

    Rei + tea = win! :)

  3. @RyanA
    Rei is my wife. Combo-ed with the maid outfit and tea… oh gawd.

    A tribute to Kallen of Code Geass. And the squishy beasty is a very fat cow… A very soft and squishy cow.

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