Cocking Hammer

Unique… if not downright weird…

Brief Summary

During the summer festival, the new transfer teacher met one of his students. After watching the girl lose her prize due to an unjustified disqualification, he decided to be the hero and win them all back.

This Person

His pose was perfect. The way he handles the toy gun… it’s as if he’s a professional marksman.

It's As IF

Assault Rifle

For some odd reason, she’s aroused by this. However, that didn’t last long. It was all appearances with no skill to back it up. Instead of hitting the targets, he kept ricocheting the cork bullets back onto the girl.


Booby Prize

A little while later, the girl introduced herself. The teacher learned two things: 1) the kind of underwear she wears and 2) she’s a gun.

We Are Guns



Her words were true. When he toured the school the next day, classes of “firearms” were practicing in the fields.

Shock and Awe

As for that girl from yesterday, he met her again. However, knowing nothing about the student besides her underwear, he got punished… and he’ll begin classes after recovering from the hospital.

T Back Girl

Switch to Automatic


Lesson learned. Don’t mess with guns.


I’ve seen girls turning into weapons and fighting each other. I’ve seen girls become secret government assassins using guns in violin cases. However, I haven’t seen girls identified as guns… and a school that emphasizes it as a part of the core curriculum.

A pretty unique… development. I want to see more of Miss FNC and how the teacher will handle her… and the other guns.


5 Responses

  1. Oh wow, they actually went there…

  2. Needs Kalashnikov-tan

  3. What in the- reading.

  4. T BACK! lololol

  5. @Kitsune
    You mean “he” actually went there…

    Russian or Chinese?

    Into the pit of despair~

    smile smile… flip to automatic… DIE!

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