Doujin Work – Chapter 32


Brief Summary

Though she’s ok with drawing manga (even erotic ones), Najimi still has a long way to go. She’s not as dedicated as her friends and since it’s in the middle of summer, she was convinced that it’s time for a break. To the beaches… but first, buying a swimsuit.

She's Looking

While browsing the store, Sora started looking at the section with ruffles. Looking at them, Najimi’s also tempted… but she’s too embarrassed to pick one out herself.

More Stylish

However, nothing escapes Tsuyuri’s eye. Nothing. Because of that, she decided to disrupt the Najimi’s strategy.

Too Cute For You

The fun doesn’t end there. Tsuyuri turns her attention to the most vulnerable target in their group, the young and innocent Sora.

These Kinds


Another short yet funny chapter in this nonsensical series. However, my most favorite part would be Justice’s method of evaluation for swimsuits. He’s just testing the material…

Better Fabric

Despite that, Tsuyuri’s still my most favorite character.


2 Responses

  1. haha Oh, I recall that manga about corruption you featured before :P Hmm… So it is about fabric…

  2. Exactly, you should rub the front pectoral region of a swimsuit to test the fabric.

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