Iinari!! Kyuuketsu-hime

Why did you do that

For your information, that slimy stuff is just mud.

Brief Summary

Something terrible has just arrived in Japan. Traveling across continents, this noble vampire is in pursuit of the “Supreme Blood”, the most delicious and power-inducing meal that her kind can feast upon.

Supreme Blood

Now I have arrived

Not too far away, the carrier of the Supreme Blood is leaving school. Haijima Inori seems perfect, but her one flaw reveals itself only when no one’s around.

She's so mysterious


That was the case when she decided to take a shortcut and encountered the vampire. Smelling her blood, Lucrezia Irving decided to forgo details and take it for herself…

Lucrezia Irving

Let us hurry

Inori resisted the bold move. It wasn’t because she was unwilling (well, with that method she is) but…

Such disgusting things

She wants monetary compensation for that blood. That’s her one and only weakness, money.

For Free


Of course, with her prize right there, Lucrezia would never let Inori escape. She flew after the schoolgirl and this time, the vampire was serious. Faced with a supernatural enemy, Inori got out her secret weapon, a cross passed down in the family. It was… ineffective…

Look at this

What's that

But when her life was really in danger, the cross turned into a sword. Unknowingly, Inori stabbed Lucrezia, causing an unexpected change.

I stabbed her

Cool person from before

The almighty Lucrezia has shrunk, her powers equally so.


What did you do

During this ordeal, Inori was held back from work. Dealing with Lucrezia took long enough for her boss to call and demand an explanation for her absence. The loli-fied vampire was whining loudly in the background so Inori told her to “Shut up!”.  Those words were heard by another person, her boss. With that misunderstanding, she was fired.

Fu Fu Fu

Facing the cause for her job loss, Inori demanded payment. In addition to the initial amount, interest would be factored in.

Compensate me

Adding Interest

And so, the hunter is tamed by her own prey.


Delightfully cute, especially with Lucrezia. Despite her recent transformation, the vampire retained her holier-than-thou attitude… even if Inori’s more powerful now. She went from a powerful noble who did everything her way into a weak loli who’s indebted to the the one she was tracking.

4koma Vampire

The bonus 4koma’s at the end were also entertaining. As for the plot, I’m curious about how much Inori’s charging and how far would she exploit Lucrezia’s powers for her own gain. Poor vampire. I don’t think she’ll be returning to normal or getting a taste of the Supreme Blood anytime soon.

This is definitely a series I’m keeping tabs on.


4 Responses

  1. Awesome. Lolified. I mean Shinifapified.

  2. It looks fun :) That mud seems suspicious though :P

  3. @Seinime
    Same thing in a smaller package!

    It is fun… and that really is mud. What else did you expect it to be?

  4. Rachel Alucard’s own series? Also, you should have kept the mud thing a secret…

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