Samples of Fall: Darker than Black 2


It’s finally here! But… where’s Yin? :(

Brief Summary

The previous season covered the fate of Hell’s Gate in Japan. This time, we’re taken into Russia where the British MI6 is beginning operations. A familiar face surfaces in an empty bar.

Star Fall

Her target is a boy, Shion Pavlichenko. Suou is Shion’s twin sister.

Suou Pavlichenko Blushing


She’s not unfamiliar with Contractors. Her father researched the Memory Eraser, a device that wipes any recollection about Contractors from witnesses.

ME Research

Her brother is one as well. He became one after watching the stars falling and having one crash into him.



Recently, one of her friends became one, right after accepting a confession. It just shows that becoming a Contractor is still a mysterious process but very sudden and unpredictable.

Using Powers

New Contractor

After watching the newly converted Tanya be taken away, Suou fled back home only to find it assaulted by more armed forces. Meanwhile, hearing gunfire, April abandoned her cover and searched for her target. While traveling through the secret passageways, she receives news that there’s another person who beat her to the professor. He’s an Asian adult… wearing a mask.


Sneaking in another way, Suou was guided by her brother via telepathy. She was led to her father where she found him dead. April arrived shortly after and the two escaped into the forest.


He's dead

They were not alone. One of their pursuers was waiting for them. He is a Contractor whose ability is speed and remuneration is eating hamburgers. Dodging bullets, he almost finished April off…


But she summoned rain. Remember Newton’s Third Law of Motion? At those speeds, hitting water would be worse than hitting concrete. Since he’s faster than a bullet, each raindrop impacts him like an armor piercing round, turning him into Swiss cheese.


Slain by Rain

Yet, a greater danger awaits. The mysterious masked man suddenly appears and takes advantage of the situation.


Strangled, she tried her gun. However, his bulletproof coat prevented any serious harm. Already tired from the recent battle, she tried to finish him off by drowning him.


In the distance, July witnesses the final result, a falling star. April is dead.


April Down


Wow! An excellent start to the series. It didn’t waste any time by drudging up the previous season. It jumped straight into the new stuff… and had a powerful end to the episode. Two Contractor fights and one of my favorite characters return. Bones definitely spent a lot of effort with the animation. I would say that they even went overboard with April’s rain and Hei’s mask falling.

Mask Off


Although, I wouldn’t say there’s no faults. If you think about it, for a Contractor who runs very fast, that plastic bag filled with burger’s must be quite strong. It’s not very aerodynamic and I’m sure it would rip apart even without superhuman powers. The other error is Yin. She’s not there. Even Mao (or his former body) is. I’m surprised that Hei let it get shot.


As for Hei’s ragged appearance, that’s probably due to stress from running away from the Syndicate and various intelligence groups. He ended the first season by being everyone’s enemy… Well, except for Misaki from Section 4. That and taking care of Yin is a daunting task indeed.

A powerful start. A relatively bland ED. 9/10 because I’m being biased.


4 Responses

  1. Interesting review. I also loved the start of this new season. It wasn’t slow at all to me, although at the beginning I was extremely anticipating Hei’s appearance. (The teaser of his lower legs was not healthy at all to me)
    What I was confused about – why was Mao’s former shell even there in the first place? It could be possible that he came back and took on another form but that’s just my wishful thinking in the end.
    And I rather liked the ending. Although I still need time to get used to it. But any song of Abingdon Boys School is love to me.
    I can’t wait til the next episode. It can’t seem to come any faster.

  2. This was good! Story totally opens up a bunch of possible directions, so I’m pleased :)

  3. @Ari
    Well, at the end of season 1, Yin was taking care of Mao or rather, the cat form that he used most of the time. However, that being said, I doubt Yin would allow it to be killed like Hei allowed.

    Possible directions require Yin. Otherwise, I’m unhappy :(

    Poor Nick, having his girlfriend changed overnight.

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