GE – Good Ending

Obscene Things

He was on the roof, using a pair of binoculars to look at one girl on the tennis team.

Brief Summary

Utsuki has a crush on the team captain but due to his extremely shy nature, he could only watch from a distance. Just imagining a conversation would cause a meltdown. He may literally die of embarrassment should his feelings be rejected. However, thanks to the nosy intervention of another girl, the possibility of a successful relationship improved… but not without paining him.

That Really Energetic Girl

You Asshole

Her name is Kurokawa Yuki. She’s also on the tennis team and the one who caught Utsuki watching them, serving a ball straight into his peeping device.

Kurogawa Yuki

The Peeping Tom


After confronting her, Yuki reversed the accusations right back at him, demanding a pure reason for his sneaky actions. It didn’t take much for the truth to reveal itself.


Someone You Like

Knowing the situation, Yuki wanted to help… by tricking him into joining the tennis team.

New Recruit

At first, Utsumi was elated to spend more time observing his secret love. That didn’t last long when he was handed a racket. His athletic skills were nonexistent. Embarrassed right in front of her, he could only run away in shame.

Just Disappear


Yuki chased after Utsumi and tried to make him see the progress he’d made. However, he was too angry to be reasoned with and vowed never to listen to her ever again.

That Kind of Cruelty

A Big Deal

Fate was not on his side. The two were paired up to clean the classroom. Yuki took the opportunity to make one last pitch…

Question For You

And to give her blunt assessment of his actions. From her perspective, Utsumi’s just trying to avoid pain and the end result is his flighty behavior.

Protect Yourself

No Woman

Her words must have reached him. He showed up on practice and officially joined the club.

I'm So Glad


So begins Utsumi’s trials of love… for the team captain and maybe someone else…


Confess Your Love

Calling For Real


Quite a refreshing series. Usually, the guy would be indecisive and bumble along each chapter, making a mess and complicating the situation. However, the existence of Kurokawa Yuki changes all that. She’s blunt, forceful, and seemingly experienced when it comes to romance. In addition, she’s not the brainless, naive type like the team captain. That makes her my favorite character.

However, it’s not hard imagining a love triangle. It’ll be hard to perserve Utsumi’s shy character while maintaining good ties between the other two girls. Plus, I’m already favoring Yuki. So far, there’s been no change with his interest but should it occur, I hope the series will not be change too much.


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