The Beginning

Two things. Always remember Murphy’s Law… and that Murphy’s an optimist.

Brief Summary

A typical scene between two younger lovers. The two are lost in their own worlds, oblivious to their surroundings. They advance another level, graduating from public appearance to going on dates.

My lunches

Movies after the match

Happy like this

Yet, these happy days are about to end. It started with a chance meeting. One of the teachers was sick and decided to take the rest of the day off. The girl was spending time with her friends. The two would encounter each other at a crosswalk, standing side-by-side while waiting for the light to change.

So much blood

She noticed his unusual experience but before asking about it, he exploded in a sudden shower of blood, spraying everyone around him.


Spiral of death


What Happened

Due to the bizarre nature of his death, an immediate autopsy was called upon. The examiner noted the odd state of the body and while distracted, he almost made a fatal error.

Melted eyeballs


Stopped just in time, a coworker wearing a sealed suit showed what could have happened if the cut was made.





Infected Blood

There would’ve been at least two more victims to this unknown disease. It was that moment when Japan recognized its first casualty to the hemorrhagic fever. At the same time, it was the beginning of the end.

Rot to that extent

Fatal Pathogen

In a crowded city like Tokyo, these doctors must find a way to contain and treat the virus before more people get infected. Otherwise, with a 90% fatality rate, there might not be much left given a few days.


There’s something attractive with the “what-if” doomsday scenarios, whether it be from a meteorite, third world war, or a lethal disease. Probably because it’s a work of fiction that isn’t too far off from reality. Yes, there had been cases of Ebola and hundreds had died. However, it happened in one isolated corner of the world, quickly killing all of the infected before it could spread beyond borders. Yet, it’s not impossible to envision a scenario where the disease finds its way into a more populated area and this time, it’s more infectious than ever.

Cute Ebola Virus

In Love with Ebola

I don’t… even… ugh…

In one respect, Emerging is similar to Manhole minus the criminal aspect. At least for now, there doesn’t seem to be any group claiming credit, just a very unfortunate accident. Both series focus on a disease that is very infectious and fatal. It’s something that no one had ever dealt with before. While they struggle for a proper response, the characters race against time since people close to them fall victim to the virus. Overall, a delightful horror that has a thrilling start.


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