Samples of Fall: Sora no Otoshimono

Fulfill your every desire

Never before… had my pure, virtuous soul… been tested to this extent.


It’s obvious what kind of show this is. Fanservice and lots of it. However, unlike similar series, this one struck a chord in my heart, boiling my blood with the fiery flames of lust passion.

Waking up

Jealousy? Rage? I cannot help but loathe the creator of this wonderful series. It brought out the more base instincts that were chained deep within me. Now, my mind is filled with guilty thoughts, stuff unbecoming of a proper gentleman like myself. ARGH!!!



Someday, mankind will be advanced enough to create Angelroids. When that day comes, I’ll be among the first to get one, find a proper maid outfit, and name her Rei. Once accomplished, I can die a happy man. But until then, I’ll just have to keep watching this… and mentally restrain my libido-tainted persona.

Command me

Anything you desire

Solely for our master's pleasure

I must restrain it from making my mind wander…

Something I want

Wande… r… fr… from…





First piece

There is no turning back… to the way I once was.


Front piece

Cannot cancel

Last piece


For its delicious fanservice but Chobit-like plot, I’ll give this a 7. Definitely something to keep track of… if only for Ikaros and her angelic form ways. However, I’ve faced the truth and now, I’m no better than Sugisaki Ken… just oozing with desire!

Filled with Desire


2 Responses

  1. Fight it, fight the temptation! :P

    I wonder if there is a way to release that angel from the chains and make her an independent member of society.

  2. Well, the order of “Strip” didn’t make her take it off… so I guess not?

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