Samples of Fall: Miracle Train

Miracle Train

What is this shit?


Physical Manifestations

Maybe it’s because I’m male and I’m looking at it from a “man’s perspective”. However, unlike Araragi, I don’t have a Hitagi to correct my error. Hence, I can only look at this and shake my head. Admittedly, I have yet to finish this episode… but I’ve seen more than enough to drop it.

What's bothering you

Respond to something like that

More polite

Our passenger

Tell us

Solve your troubles

Let’s say you’re a young lady who’s been feeling a bit down lately. You board a train and realize that it’s completely empty. You’re the only passenger. All of the sudden, six guys pop up out of nowhere, one after another. They surround you and keep asking why you’re depressed. Would your proper response be a) have a nice lovely chat with these handsome men or b) be a bit more wary of their intentions, possibly reaching for that self-defense device?


Needless to say, I’m not a fan of harems, reverse ones even less. Having one that magically appears when a damsel’s in distress just rubs me the wrong way. At best, this would be a sexist Bartender on rails, treating only females. At worst, it’s just brainless eye-candy for bishounen fans. Judging by how the train station men look, it’s just capitalizing on the popular appearances found in other series.

30 seconds

Quoting myself on Twitter, my reaction would warrant the dismal score of 1/10. There’s nothing in it for me. Nothing at all.


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