Samples of Fall: Seitokai no Ichizon


“That’s why I… I’ll create a harem of beautiful girls!”



When They Cry

One of more anticipated shows of the season. I enjoyed the first chapter of the manga adaptation, finding it quite funny and unlike other harem series, the guy isn’t wishy-washy with his feelings. Sugisaki Ken has no qualms about revealing his true intentions of turning the student council into his personal harem. That alone gives the series a bit of credit.

Akaba Chizuru


The episode starts out with an emergency meeting between the members over how to make their anime popular. They recognize that there’s some negative feedback from the light novels, critics saying that there’s no plot at all. In an attempt to spice things up, they considered everything, drawing references from other anime. Dragonball, Kuroshitsuji, and The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi to name a few.

Wanted it checked


When comparing the anime to the manga, there were some differences here and there but overall, well matched. The comedic elements were still there and nicely executed. I’ve underestimated the moeee~ levels and consequentially suffered, especially when the president gave up on weight loss and devoured the rest of the cookies.


If I could summarize my thoughts, I would say that Seitokai no Ichizon is like a harem-ized Gintama. Both uses a lot of references from other series and exploits them for their own benefit. Both seem to have no plot, but that was never a goal to begin with. They’re just meant to be fun and enjoyable, nothing more and nothing less.

Barely Passes

Waiting for you

Prove to me

Truly feel that way

On that same 10-point scale that I’ve using, I’ll give this an 8. The only other series that could challenge this is Darker than Black‘s sequel and that’s yet to come out.


5 Responses

  1. haha They put almost everything in the beginning! So many references…

    That girl in the last shots has great voice and highest difficulty level :P

  2. It is the porn that I look forward to most. There are just too many moments to pass up, especially the bridal gown scene.

  3. @Kitsune
    Definitely the most desirable too!

    Comrade! We await for more!

    Flat chest! Approved!

  4. white bridal gowns are still the prettiest although it is already a classic color “”

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