Samples of Fall: Nyan Koi!


This image elegantly summarizes my feelings.



I lied from a previous post. I guess I’ll add some thoughts about the anime before ignoring its existence. Well, unless there’s a lot more Kanako, but that’s a couple episodes into the future.


I found out that I don’t dislike the cats in the series. I hate them now. Also, it seems that the studio decided to be lazy and instead of moving their mouths as if they’re speaking, we have… a static face. While others may point out that he can understand their words due to the curse, I don’t think that’s a valid excuse to skimp out on animation. The cats have to speak for him to understand, curse or not. It’s not telepathy.

Weird dilemma

I think Kaede ellicits as much rage from me as Maria from CANAAN, a naive girl who won’t add anything substantial to the plot. She’s just a romantic goal for Junpei and disregarding this episode, she won’t have anything to do with his curse. The series will have to balance between granting 100 cat wishes and Junpei’s unrequited love for Kaede. The way things are going now, it’ll be like a typical love triangle with a random cat popping up when inconvenient.


I’m giving this a 3/10. I know that the anime will quickly pass what’s available in manga and I’m still interested with Junpei’s childhood friend. That’s the only thing keeping me barely interested.


5 Responses

  1. The only other show apart from Seitokai that I genuinely look forward to, though to be honest I really want the twin tailed twin lolis to make an appearance as soon as possible…

  2. Fantastic looking forward to the next in the series

  3. @Shin
    Should’ve known better… However, I’m wondering why you didn’t even consider Junpei’s sister…

    I’ll stick with it for another episode or two. From then on, it depends on the level of Kanako focus.

  4. Shin forgot to add that they wear thigh-highs with their uniforms.

    Dancing around the main love-interest… yea, that’s probably how it’ll go. Hope some sort of chemistry plays into the story though, if it was mainly the cats … muah, I like them but not as the central element.

  5. @RyanA
    I prefer DtB2’s way of handling cats… Especially the ones from Nyan Koi!

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