Samples of Fall: Kämpfer

Goth Loli Version

Even this isn’t enough for me to give the series a second chance…


Kämpfer‘s one and only draw is Natsuru’s Kämpfer form. Unlike traps, he turns into 100% woman. This is the distinct difference from genderbending from genderswapping, something that I learned a while ago on #Animeblogger. That means, no reservations about falling for her if you’re male since… she’s actually a she. You’ll be free from any doubts about whether or not anime corrupted your sexual orientation.


To make it better, the character’s done by Marina Inoue. I only know that name from Maria+Holic, her role as that epic maid Matsurika. Her voice fits quite well with Natsuru.

WTF Dolls

Otherwise, I could not be any more disappointed by how it turned out. The anime opened my eyes to how crappy the series actually is, dragging down my initial opinions based on the manga. The most annoying thing are the dolls from the Entrails Animal series. Their voices are so atrocious that I muted the video when the black bunny did its introduction. I just couldn’t stand it anymore.

Swimsuit Version

What’s supporting her back?

I would give the series a score of 2/10. The plot’s similar to Sekirei with Kämpfers forced to battle each other, a battle royale of women. The dolls are just… annoying, to say the least. Genderswapping alone isn’t enough to make me endure another episode.


5 Responses

  1. Yuri and more yuri, sigh.

  2. And it’s not even delicious yuri…

  3. Have great seiyuus but shitty story :(

  4. For me it was the whole boat. The gender swap was whatever, but it just seemed bland or fluffy without anything to grab me. :/

  5. With other series that provide superior fanservice, Kämpfer has no place in my schedule.

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