Claymore – Chapter 96


Desirous Gaze

Things get a bit more complicated from here on out…

Brief Summary

While the battle goes on, the Organization watches from a safe distance. One of their higher ranking officers takes note of the merged Rafaela/Luciela form. He wants it but since Alicia and Beth aren’t in control, they don’t have the manpower to capture that monstrosity.

Desirous Gaze

However, it didn’t take long for him to find another interesting item. A nearby village was ravaged by the offsprings borne from the raining spikes. There was only one surivor, Raki. However, despite having two of the parasitic stakes driven into his shoulder, the young man maintains his humanity.


Different Route

The Goal

Meanwhile, Uma and Cynthia continue their escape only to come across Beth. They see her impaled with one of the rods. Uma moved to help but Cynthia quickly stopped her, knowing that nothing could be done.


Beyond Saving

If anything, they’re the ones who need help.


Final Form

Ultimate Destruction

As for Clare, Helen, and Deneve, they held out. However, there’s no break for Rafaela/Luciela is readying another burst of monsters.


No Fucking Way


While I’m not particularly surprised by Raki’s current state, I’m more concerned about the missing whereabouts of his traveling companion, the starved Awakened Being Priscilla. Raki’s one of the main characters so he can’t be killed off yet. Besides, it’s time for a “power up” and what could be more convenient than two stakes from Rafaela/Luciela planted in his body. He might even use them in the future, inventing a technique that would take advantage of their parasitic nature.

As for Uma and Cynthia, they’re so screwed. Uma needs to adjust to her newly formed leg while Cynthia is too tired from regenerating it. Now they’re facing an even more powerful version of Beth. Former low ranking members against the second ranked Claymore of the Organization? Very bad odds.

Clare and the other two seem to do fine. I suppose it’s time for Riful to pop up and save them all. That way, it’ll clear the way for an alliance between Miria’s group and the last Abyssal One. Then, they could attempt a rescue mission for Raki and defeat the Organization…

Well, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.


2 Responses

  1. I have a feeling Priscilla went on a rampage and flew off. I’m hoping that she’s either headed for Clare or even better Luciela/Rafaela. Would be quite the epic battle if the latter happens.

    Yeah Uma and Cynthia are so overmatched right now. the best thing they can do is run, but I don’t think they can outrun Beth. Maybe some random character (Miria) will come along and save them.

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s the monsters from the raining stakes that destroyed the village, not Priscilla. I believe Raki to be the kind of guy who would tell her to find some safe place away from the town. I suspect that she’s nearby, close enough to pay those members from the Organization a nice visit and save her companion.

    Uma’s still adapting to her new leg, one that Cynthia regenerated for her. They’re both low on energy so their chance of survival is low. I don’t think Miria would be the one to save them. Maybe Riful and Dauf. An unlikely alliance.

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