Nyan Koi! – Chapter 8

Say Ah

A Young Girl’s Feelings

Probably the only Nyan Koi! post I’ll make… unless there’s more Kanako.

Brief Summary

Forget about the silly cats and the curse that forces Junpei to grant their wishes. This chapter is all about Sumiyoshi Kanako and her feminine side.

A Young Wife

Barging into Junpei’s house, she hands him the work from school and begins to take care of him. Playing the role of a young wife, she goes into the kitchen to make rice porridge and fresh applesauce. Meanwhile, her patient deals with one fat cat with a selfish request. After reforming the feline, Junpei stumbles back into the house and collapses. That’s how Kanako found him…


Taking advantage of the situation, Kanako shared a brief and intimate moment with Junpei.

Almost Kiss

Have to be you

Of course, Junpei was unconscious and would never know about it.

That Idiot

Still, what she’d done only made her wanting more. The text of thanks from Junpei only made the pain worse…

A Mail

Just Realize It Already


An amazing transformation from how Kanako was first introduced. Starting with crazy makeup with a rough tomboy attitude…


To an embarrassed and beautiful maid… Well, only for the school festival. But still! A MAID! <3

High Grade

With Kanako, she’s starting to feel the pangs of loneliness since Junpei doesn’t see her as a friend, nonetheless a potential girlfriend. Instead, they’re constantly bickering in school and until recently, they seemed like the worst of enemies. Now, she has an ever greater hurdle to overcome, Kaede. Junpei never looks her way, completely blinded by that other girl. Plus, the end of the chapter suggests that Kanako doesn’t want to make the first move. She wants him to realize her feelings and then act upon them.

Are You An Idiot

Yes I am!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after reading this chapter, it’s to reaffirm my weakness for the “childhood friend” type. It’s a pity that most series would push aside such characters, such a waste.


3 Responses

  1. Oh Boy, Oh Boy! See, this feels more right! Animu now! Guess I should check out the previous 7 chapters too >_>

  2. Omg… That last illustration… <3

  3. @RyanA
    Maybe in episode 2. I think this will pop up around 3 or 4.

    Yup, Kanako shipper now.

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