Girl Saurus DX – Chapter 50

Dreadfully Frightening

Mother-in-Law Saurus

True enough, future in-laws are the greatest hurdles to any serious relationship.

Brief Summary

It was a normal day at the Boxing Club… except for Haruka knocking out Shingo since he embarrassed her in public. As a result, his mom came. Concerned about her son’s welfare, she thought about transferring him. However, that idea was met with fierce opposition.

My Decision

The challenge was issued and met. However, no matter what their strengths are, the club members were defeated by seasoned housewife logic.

First Challenge

Second Challenge

Third Challenge

Fourth Challenge

Well, all except for one. The two were equals in cooking but since Shingo didn’t want to transfer, Haruka won.

Fifth Challenge

God's Authority

Yet, Shingo’s mother was resolute. All hope seemed lost… until Haruka asked an important question regarding marriage.

Mother in Law

The tide of battle turned. It’s Shingo’s turn to experience despair.

Young Women's Crusade

But the standard is even higher than before. They had to prove themselves, showing that they’re better than Subaru.

Younger Sister

In fact, “loving him enough to kill him” is given a thumbs up. Only Haruka was the only who wouldn’t want to wish harm on him, even if it’s from love.

Marriage is a Graveyard

Something I Could Never Do

His mom had seen enough. She knows who’s closest to his heart… and that is…

The Ultimate Forbidden Love

Blood Vomit

Well, at least the transfer was cancelled.


Too much to handle. I forgot how great Kusunoki Kei was with this series. Of all the fanservice-laden harem series that I’ve come across, this one is my favorite. Nice character designs and a humorous plot that always comes back to Shingo’s gynophobia. However, I get the feeling that a relationship with Haruka is more likely since his mother approved of her. Then again, it’s been like that the whole series, hinting that there might be something… only to get carried away with another development.


Still, with a look like that, how can I not be  rooting for a Shingo x Haruka end?


2 Responses

  1. This is definitely one of those *actually funny* comedy romance harems.

    Surprised you didn’t use the All Boys School rape page…

  2. I didn’t think that page was as funny as the others. Though, that quick lie was the only reason why Shingo did NOT want to transfer out…

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