Super-Dreadnought Girl 4946 – Chapter 6


Tobita Shrine

Please keep in mind that those two are siblings.

Brief Summary


After the latest incident, Makoto Tobita was passing time on the roof, trying to stall the inevitable trip back home. Mana overheard and after giving some thought, she seized the opportunity to make a good impression to his parents. Ideally, they would approve of their relationship and that means one step closer to marriage.


While walking there, Mana asked Makoto why he didn’t want to go back home. Responding, he told her how uncomfortable he was with his family’s spiritual line of business. That and he met her. His answer made her nervous, wondering if she was frightening to him due to her special condition. Yet, with a few honest words, Tobita chased those fears away. After all, there was only one thing that scares him…

Runs a Shrine

I'm Scary

A Little Taller

That is… his younger sister.

A Girl


Now, the fear doesn’t come from her physical prowess. It’s from her sadistic nature.

Nice Sound

Kuumi Tobita

Not only does she creep Makoto out and enjoy every second of it, she’s also a monster exterminator.

Monster Extermination

Despite Mana’s earnest plea for approval, the Tobita elder wanted to have a talk with family first.

Wrong Line

The topic was the recent increase in Youkai activity. Normally, sightings would be rare but ever since Mana’s awakening, they’ve been increasingly frequent and violent. That leads to only one conclusion. Mana’s acting as a magnet for other monsters and while Japan is besieged, the rest of the world would be safe. However, his family won’t agree to the sacrifice and from the exorcists’ point of view, there is only one solution. Kill Mana.

Top Youkai

Humanity's Guardian Angel

Makoto’s left to struggle, the responsibility heavy on his shoulders. On one hand, he could save the world by letting Mana live but leaving the country to devastation. On the other hand, he’ll keep her alive and the world may fall to ruin. While he’s trying to make a decision, Kuumi makes a preemptive strike, confident that killing “Humanity’s Guardian Angel” would be the right decision to make.

Death Sentence


In so many ways, Kuumi is the most interesting character of all. Maybe it’s her uniform. It’s uncommon to see a gothic lolita exorcist wielding a katana. And of course, there’s her attitude. She looked so innocent and pure (minus the spider gore) when Makoto introduced her as his younger sister. Moments later, she revealed why she missed her older brother so much. It wasn’t because she missed his company. Instead, she wants to hear his screams of horror. An awesome scene that took a turn for crazy. Then again, in a series about a giantess saving the world, what isn’t crazy?

Besides Kuumi, the chapter was pretty boring. There was the expected reaction from Mana once she heard about Makoto’s planned trip back home. Something that you’ll see in every other romance. Near the end, I felt a bit sorry for her when she met his father. I mean, how would you react to a stranger swimming through your hair… only to find out that he/she’s your significant other’s parent. Then there’s the part about Makoto’s sister trying to kill her. Definitely sticking around for the next chapter. Curious how it goes… and whether or not Kuumi will have a larger role. Crossing my fingers on that one.


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