Bakemonogatari – Episode 12

What will I do

It doesn’t matter what you do. I’ll devoted to you, Tsundere-chan.

Brief Summary

It all started one afternoon, something spontaneous but everlasting in memory. Koyomi was having lunch with Hitagi when she asked told him to go on a date. There’s no room for discussion.

Love Bento

So we're going on a date

No that's not right

Can we go on a date

How about we go on a date


Go on a Date with me

Fansub error :(

Any complaints

Koyomi was excited about the date despite not knowing where they’ll go. However, his spirits plummeted when he saw the driver. It was Hitagi’s father and to make things worse, his girlfriend wasn’t holding back on the questions.

Father accompanying

Do you love me

Won't Answer

I love you

Hitagi also cornered him into using her first name, an indication that the two have a more personal relationship. However, since her father’s there, Koyomi was quite distressed. Yet, the alternative of angering a stapler-wielding, eyeball-stabbing Hitagi poses a greater risk to his life.


Calling You

He got a small taste of that fury when he asked Hitagi why Kanbaru was so… perverted. Koyomi had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Perverted Kanbaru

Am I wrong

Man's Perspective

Can't accept

No idea at all…

Shatter your norms and standards

Pure and innocent girl

Kanbaru as pure and innocent? That’s impossible… Oh shi-


Whisper Whisper

Ear blush



How was that


Just do as you please

After arriving at the destination, Hitagi went off to prepare for their date, leaving Koyomi with her father. The two had a talk and in the end, the elder Senjougahara acknowledged that he wasn’t the perfect dad and he’ll leave his daughter in Koyomi’s care. Acceptance…


Take care of her


In perfect timing, Hitagi came back. Her preparations were complete and the two can finally start their date.

Younger ones

Leading the way, Koyomi was told to keep his head down and his eyes closed. He had no idea where she was taking him, but when he was allowed to open them, Koyomi found himself amazed. The universe beckons from above.



Star Gazing

After pointing out several constellations, Hitagi revealed why she shown him this place. This was the last thing she had that she could give to him.

Everything I have


Well, maybe not everything…

Sharp tongue and foul mouth

Don't want

Physical body

Rudely Handled

But in regards to the latter, Hitagi isn’t ready. She’s afraid that she’ll lose him but she promised that in the future, someday… Until then, the stars and the memories of her parents taking her here were her treasure, one that she just shared with Koyomi.

Last Thing I Can Give You

However, the end of their date marked another step in their relationship. Their first kiss.


We're going to kiss

Not right

Could you kiss me

How about we kiss

Let's kiss

And even though it wasn’t shown, I think we all got the message.





This episode (the last one to be on broadcast) is the pinnacle of perfection. SHAFT proved that they can definitely do romance without the drama tied in with the ef series. Plus, they were able to do it with an unique character like Senjougahara Hitagi. She’s a tsundere to the extreme and while her tsun-tsun side brings out the comedy in the series, it’s the rare dere-dere moments that tug at the heartstrings.

Say Ah


Seeing that this episode fell under the Tsubasa Cat arc, I expected more Hanekawa coverage. However, I’ve been complaining on melative about the lack of Tsundere-chan recently. When I realized that the entire episode would be coverage of their date, I was excited and had only a smidgen of regret about the other character shoved from the spotlight from her very own story. Oh well, there are three episodes left.

I have so many favorite parts that I can only say that I enjoyed the whole thing. I loved how Senjougahara struggled with words to get a date and later on, a kiss. I loved how she corrupted Araragi to prove that Kanbaru isn’t a pervert. There was the touching scene when she revealed everything, saying that she has nothing left to give him. Of course, we have the conclusion with the kiss that was never shown.

Their tumultuous relationship took a step forward and they’ve achieved the “happy end”. It isn’t hard to envision their future. I doubt Senjougahara would lose her sharp tongue or for Araragi to be less easy to push around. They seemed like the perfect couple at the start. The kiss just sealed the deal.

One of the best!

As for the final few episodes, I can’t see them being better than this one. For me, I would be content if this was the real end of the series. If SHAFT made something better, then they are unquestionably the best animation studio ever.


3 Responses

  1. Aww, that last scene was very nice :)

  2. Yes, SHAFT has given me new eyes about them. This was just perfection! The whole series leveled-up this episode… unbelievable. Definitely Top 5 series for 09, it’s just … gah XD

  3. @Kitsune
    Definitely. The ED shall forever be remembered with that scene when Koyomi and Hitagi spent their first date under the stars… and sharing their first kiss.

    I think the episode alone is able to hoist it into the top 5 list for me. That’s not to say that the other episodes are bad… but c’mon, it’s Senjo-gahara!

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