Watashi wa Kagome


I am Kagome.

One of the more interesting ones that I’ve read so far.

Brief Summary

Shingo was visiting his mother at the hospital when he met her, a complete stranger who’s been assigned to work with him. The “clapping” Kagome is to be his guardian.

Weird Lady

Working With Us

My Name is Kagome

She is without a doubt, abnormal.

Chant the Spell

Yet, she’s devoted to her job. If she wasn’t around, Shingo would’ve been deceived by malicious spirits.

Not Your Dad


They would have devoured him if it weren’t for Kagome’s actions.



With her around, there would be no more incidents. She acts as a repellent against any future attacks.

Evil Creatures

However, that doesn’t mean anything if the attack happened outside of the house. For that reason, Kagome prevented Shingo from attending the field trip. A malevolent spirit lies in wait, death inevitable.

For the Best

Bus Accident

Her prediction was true. Everyone who rode on the bus died. Only he was spared for calling in sick.


Devil's Luck

Even though he felt guilty, it wasn’t the last time he would see his classmates. Kagome created one last chance for them to be reunited… and finish the trip that never was.

Beautiful Hostess

Trip Begins


Shortly after the accident, Shingo’s mother recovered and was released from the hospital. Because her services were no longer needed, Kagome left. However, to this very day, Shingo would never forget the last moment he had with his former classmates.



A very uplifting series that had a great first chapter. The last page was a bit creepy (treasuring a picture taken with corpses?) but in a way, I suppose it is a good ending. The only part that I didn’t like was the change of costumes from the guardian robes to the tour guide. Kagome’s eccentric nature was lost when she declared herself being the “beautiful hostess”. However, she also has one of the best anti-fanservice devices… a talking tattoo.


Hey Boy

Overall, I get the feeling of Mushishi but that’s only superficial. This is clearly different. She doesn’t act as a mediator between humanity and spirits. Kagome merely protects whoever she’s in charge of. A lot of potential with an interesting start. Definitely keeping an eye on this one.


6 Responses

  1. My, looks fascinating. I’ll definitely check this one out. Cheers.

  2. OooooO Creepy, but I like Kagome’s attire (the kimono). Perfect music for this, Pyramids … so this is serialized and follows Kagome’s various meetings? or … is it about the boy (gotta be former I think).


  3. Interesting character design :) I especially like her face in the hostess panel :)

  4. HOLY FUCK WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN…calming down, this is another f’ed up horror manga. I’m never letting my guard down again. Plus the school photo was creepy.

  5. @RyanA
    I only read the first chapter so I can’t be 100% sure about Kagome’s adventures and if the boy would ever make a reappearance. However, judging by the title and the last page, I would think the series will follow Kagome around.

    But it destroys her eccentric nature! Though… the mole brings out her charm.

    I wouldn’t say that it’s “f’ed up horror” since it’s more of a supernatural/mystery. However, I do agree about the photo.

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