Jeep and Wagon

Like a Doll

I gave this manga a try since its name is unique and the first couple pages implied something dark and gory.

Brief Summary

Taking the name literally, I expected something to deal with travel. Instead, it was about automatons.

Europe 18th Century

Automates for Evil Purposes

And not only that, it’s set in Old Europe. To be more specific, France. To be even more specific, Paris.


Count of Wheels

Even in manga, France cannot escape the truth about their military feats (or lack of).


Anyways, the one-shot is about taking back the city of Paris and doing so with a “fight fire with fire” mentality. To defeat that self-proclaimed count, they would pit him against a madman of their own. However, as insurance against even more trouble, they assigned Jeep Rubyhat to monitor the freed prisoner.


My Manner of Greeting

Why was she chosen? Well, the two aren’t exactly strangers. Wagon is her uncle, an outcast in her family but for reasons unknown.

Uncle Wagon

After introducing themselves, the duo sallied forth. After dealing with several basic automatons, they found a gruesome sight.

What Happened

Marionette Inhabitants

Not soon after, the villain makes his appearance. Seated on his mechanical throne, the Count of Wheels boasted of his masterpiece.

Grandeur of Art

Agreeing at first, Wagon suddenly changed his stance and tore through the Count’s ego with some harsh words.


Impose Your Selfish Feelings

Bringing on a fight, Wagon single-handedly stopped the giant’s attack and showed Jeep why he was imprisoned.

The Truth

Living Automate
He had done something taboo. He turned his own body into an automaton. However, unlike the Count, Wagon did it with the intention of spreading more joy. And thus, that one difference separates the good from the bad.

In the Mode

Despite being the hero, Wagon was going to be imprisoned again. That is, until Jeep snapped at Napolean.

Don't Joke Around With Me


My feelings were surprise at the beginning and extreme disappointment for the rest of the series… except when Jeep had her say in Wagon’s fate. That was hilarious. However, I can’t deny that it left a sour taste. Jeep and Wagon felt like watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood again, seeing the same development about taboo practices. Instead of human transmutation resulting in automail limbs, Wagon replaced his body with machine. Too similar.

I suppose this being a one-shot is a very good thing. It was (briefly) entertaining enough to excite my exhausted mind but short enough so that I won’t see it slip any further in quality. In summary, a mediocre work at best but severely lacking in potential.


One Response

  1. The guy in the first shot looks like that professor from Sailor Moon :P

    I like that girl with glasses in “liberate Paris” panel :)

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