Kami Sen – Chapters 3-4

Flat Chest

Chapter 3: A Great Victory and Defeat Due to the God of Poverty!
Chapter 4: Descent Upon School

Brief Summary of Chapter 3

Despite her best efforts to prove that she’s not the God of Poverty, misfortune follows Konoha wherever she goes. To prevent any more damage, they convinced her to soak in the springs. After all, there’s no possible way to “break” water…

Nothing to Break

Too Hot

Wonderful God

Or so they thought.


It Worked

Apparently, Konoha’s presence had a side effect on the bath waters, stealing away the gluttony of customers. That means… a quick way to earn money by marketing their “Diet Hot Spring”.

The Diet Hot Spring

However, as you might imagine, should Konoha be that dreaded God of Poverty, there would be dire consequences. And there was. After taking care of the goddess when she collapsed from the heat, Koutarou couldn’t hold back the truth about how she’s being exploited. Enraged, the fox barged into the culprit’s room only to find… this.

Fat Gramps

The fat that their customers lost winded up in Grandpa, explaining the reason behind his new appearance. Well, it didn’t stop her from fixing the situation… and delivering heavenly punishment. He’s no longer a goat… but less.


Brief Summary of Chapter 4

A more dangerous development is brewing. In the previous chapter, only the family’s hot spring suffered the wrath of Konoha. Now… Koutarou’s school may be next.

I'm Going To School


Well, after they take care of a more pressing issue…


Important Parts

A Bit Chilly

While Konoha’s getting a lesson about modern society, Koutarou got kidnapped by the Munakata Club and was framed, a picture taken of a kiss between him and the president.


Good Shot

It turns out that Kirika is another deity. She felt threatened by Konoha’s awakening and plans to reseal her. With that picture, they can weaken the goddess. Kohona had no idea what was going on and wandered back to school… slightly better prepared than before.

I Changed

A Bit Chilly Too

In her search for Koutarou, the two goddesses met. A fight was inevitable.

Your Face


Making the first attack, Kirika sang her song. As a Goddess of Music, she’s horrible.

Your Biwa Is Crying

Twin-tail with a guitar… Where have I seen that before?


Murder Weapon

But with Konoha’s sensitive ears, it was more than enough. All that’s left is for Koutarou to seal her… and he refused. Instead, he smashed the device that would have ended her existence, thus giving Konoha enough time to recover and reverse the odds.

Are You Ready

But the end of this problem just might be the start of a much bigger one…

What Is This


In comparison to Kannagi, the series is much more focused on its resident goddess. While that may sound good at first, it also means there’s not as much time (or in this case, panels) spent on the other characters. It’ll be like Kannagi without Tsugumi (absolutely devastating) or Akiba-kun. On the bright side, the fanservice level rose. Mixed feelings for what lies ahead but I’m pretty content with the latest chapters. However, a little more Makoto coverage won’t hurt…


5 Responses

  1. Yes, Makoto coverage in the last chapter was lacking. The focus is somewhat scattered, but sticks to the service (not always a good thing, because while I’m like @_@ later I’m like >.< … ). Still fun.

    There needs to be an emoticon for Felli's angry deadpan look. <3 <3 <3

  2. I’m sure there’ll be more Makoto coverage once Konoha officially transfers over, similar to Nagi attending Jin’s school. Very fun but I feel guilty reading it due to the fanservice. But like Nagi, Konoha keeps me laughing.

    If you ever find that emoticon, do share. I would use it often.

  3. Quack! I see where your attention lies… on a fellow kitsune deity.

  4. Realy nice! ^___^

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