Seitokai no Ichizon – Chapter 1

Bishoujo Harem

Best thing I’ve touched since Kami Sen.

After reading this, I feel so refreshed, my inner spirit invigorated and burning with passion.

Brief Summary

When you think of a student council, certain things come to mind. Perhaps it’s comprised of elites just like in Special A or “interesting” individuals like Medaka Box and Hayate no Gotoku!. However, to get a better handle of how this wonderful series goes, narrow down that idea to something similar to Haruhi’s S.O.S. Brigade… throwing Itsuki out of the picture and have Kyon submit to more base instincts.

No Compromise

Instead of a tamed guy shackled down to some deranged pseudo-God or else the world ends, we have Sugisaki Ken. He is the vice president, earning his position by being the best in the school. Despite that, he has less-than-noble intentions for being in the student council. He wants to fulfill a dream that is so romantic, so desirable… and so heavily influenced by eroge.

You've Become A Boring Person

First Eroge

That is the vision that he holds, a harem of pretty girls. Ken intends to turn the student council into a paradise, starting with the moe-blob but possibly-related-to-Ryuugu-Rena president, Sakurano Kurimu.

Sakurano Kurimu

Because I'm Serious

You're Lying

Nothing is safe from KyoAni.

That includes my personal favorite, the secretary Akaba Chizuru. However, she’s a bit… intense.

Akaba Chizuru

Bring About Our Love

But then again, what about love isn’t intense?

I'm Very Intense

Only A Physical Relationship

Let’s not forget the final two members… the Shiina sisters. For Ken, that’s double the opportunity… double the fun.

Shiina Minatsu and Mafuyu

What A Cute Girl

All in all, Sugisaki Ken explores the limits of his delusional mind and on occasion, embarks upon new territory. He really has no hope.

That Night

Dripping With Desire

Yet, he is not a total scumbag driven mad by his perverted thoughts. Ken has a responsible side and he’s willing to work for his dream, no matter how immoral it may be. Unknowingly, little by little, he’s earning a place in the girls’ hearts.

I Like

Central Pillar


The combination of Sugisaki’s flair and the unique mix of the other student council members makes this an excellent series. I just wonder how far he’ll go to make the student council his harem. Admittedly, I thought he’ll fall for Akaba when she went on about intense love and being accepted. Personally, I would have caved in and professed my undying loyalty much like Araragi did to Senjougahara (which may I add, is the best thing I’ve seen all year). However, instead of being defeated so easily, Ken sallied forth with his cause, undeterred and unsatisfied with just one.

Fight To Remain In My Harem

Quite epic. Certainly one of a handful of series where the protagonist strives to make a harem instead of having it happen by chance.


6 Responses

  1. USO DA!!!

  2. Ataru Moroboshi lives – although it looks like Sugisaki’s at least a little more smooth than Ataru, who’d practically assault all the girls he liked. Thanks for the post, hadn’t heard much about this series but definitely looking forward to it now.

  3. It sounds like you are very excited about this manga :) I am glad you are posting again :)

  4. @kode-dekka
    There is the possibility of a BAD END… that won’t involve an ax.

    Sugisaki has a worthy cause to crusade for. He doesn’t use indirect methods. He goes straight for the kill(s).

    “Fight to remain in my harem!” << Best line ever.

  5. it’s really good, please keep updating me. tnx

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