Otakon 2009:I only meant to stay a while


This post about Otakon is a bit late. It’s coming up on two weeks ago that the massive convention occurred. I’ll make it up by posting a few different things about it. Let me start with what I did, or rather what I didn’t do.

I didn’t participate in the masquerade, submit art to the art show, run a panel, staff, get lost, get in a fight, eat out, go to Otachan, LARP, enter a video game tournament, ride a train, cosplay, buy anime, buy art, sing, or get an autograph.

But I did check out a bit of everything as I always do.

I saw the AMV contest and the only thing you need to know about it is this one AMV. Most of the others were pretty subpar.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAEi1h0AGak

The artist alley was pretty standard. Nothing caught my eye in particular-well, except for a HUGE Big O replica. It could comfortably fit any man you meet. It was giant and perfectly crafted. Pretty damn awesome. They were selling it for OVER NINE THOUSAND  DOLLARS!

Guests: As I said before, none blew me away enough to check them out at Otakon.

The video rooms were meh, but I did not spend much time there. I saw a bit of DMC late Saturday night, but it was really terrible quality and the volume was down so low I could hardly hear it. Nothing was that hip though.  I saw a bit of DBZ abridged and a parody called Fisting the North Star. When they started having an Utena style battle and using live action lips to dub the characters, I had had about enough of it.

Dealers room: NEWS FLASH! The Industry is in it’s death throws right now! The only industry booths were for Funimation and Media Blasters. This is a dramatic change from last year. It’s good to see that fandom is not waning, but the industry should be crashing in a few years (Selling DVDs for one or two bucks or not at all) and I could feel it so clearly when I walked into the Dealers/ “Industry” hall. Where is this industry? Not in the US. Not at Otakon. I guess I could have predicted this sad showing. ADV is having big trouble and cutting its magazines.  Geneon is dead. Manga does not have any big titles and may be relegating themselves to smaller cons for some reason.

So what did I get?


I filled in the gaps of my GTO collection at $5 a volume. Now I only need the last two volumes.

Asuka A-1

I got an asuka figure like this one, but standing up. I now have 7 Asuka figures.

http _cgi.ebay.com_ws_eBayISAPI.dll VISuperSize&item=390065352837

This Awesome, sexy Reika figure from the Gantz manga. I like the figure and I love the manga. It was a good deal and a surprise to see Gantz figures of this scale at all.  I also bought a Japanese manga monthly.

Concerts were all rocking. I attended all of them except Becca. Forget her. Naomi Tamura’s on Sunday was the most rocking, but she also did a few acoustic songs including a nice cover of “I’ll be there.” I was happy to see everyone had a full band.

Masqurade: Very weak overall. There was a strong Capoeria demo using Naruto costumes and the song Fighting Dreamers and there was a fight between two fish-people. It ended with an expert skit that parodied dramatic dance skits. It had a fat guy in a towel so it couldn’t have been that bad right? Right! There was a nice looking girl in K-On cosplay sitting in front of me. She was the blond girl with the thick eyebrows. Well, she was more interesting to look at than 80% of the skits.

Rave: As terribly cramped, hot and bright as ever. Still had a good time for an hour on Saturday Night…. What can I say? There were more people in line for it than in it.

Panels: Metal Gear panel was apparently put together the night before while he smoked opium and played SFIV. It was run as a Q&A with the audience and nothing informative or exciting came of it. I did attend a great panel called the Evolution of Anime; more on that in a later post.

Etc. There was some twister going on in the hall, guys with a boom box playing sexually explicit songs in the restroom, lots of folks yelling out “Macro-Polo” and “BUTT SCRATCHA!!” the whole weekend. It all ended in the most amazing way I’ve ever seen Otakon end: A flash-mob parade from one end of the BCC to the other led by a man playing a bagpipe amongst some sick cosplayers. More and more people rushed into the mass of bodies and joined in the chant of “Otakon” and a few other things. It was tremendous.

As for myself, I’ve already mentioned that I didn’t do a lot that I could have. I did run into several friends from school and that was something I had not done before. We stayed in the Shereton and ate sandwiches, BBQ chips, cool lasagna, and fruit for sustenance.

Otakon, for someone like me, can only be  a storm of excitement that captures the mind and ignites the soul.  This time, that sensation hit like a wave crashing in rather than a bolt of lighting.  The delay in posting that fits in with that still burning reaction. Stay tuned.

See you next time….


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  1. You know, I actually have video of the capoeira demo. I really should see if I can get that posted.

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