When Reality Hits…


It hurts more than a ton of bricks.

My lack of updates can be accounted for by a new sudden development in life. Currently changing residency so things are a bit hectic. I’ll try to update whenever possible.


4 Responses

  1. At times like these you bring out the coffee and trade posts for sleep. Although I shouldn’t be saying or doing that.

  2. Oh maaah… I was wondering now for a bit… where’s kokuuun? I wasn’t screaming KOKUUN WA DOKOOOOOO? but I sort of felt it XD

    I hope all smooths over soon. Charge!

  3. As someone who recently went through a relocation (still recovering), I can imagine how you feel, but I don’t know all the circumstances – it sounds like it is more than a relocation. Life hits hard sometimes, but I know you have the resilience to persevere. Let me know how things are going with you when you have time :)

  4. Ack, reality is harsh. I’m also trying to adjust to a new phase of my life and blog posts fell drastically from many times a week to once a week/fortnight. But it’s good to know that you’re still blogging, hang in there! XD

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