Kami Sen – Chapter 2

Eat Up

The God Likes Hot Springs

Eat up… what?

Caution: Mild fanservice

Brief Summary

After things settled down, the family had a talk with the resident god. Or to be specific, the God of Poverty. Hearing their allegations, Konoha didn’t take it so well.

God of Poverty


Before she could deliver anymore punishment, Konoha was interrupted by Makoto. She’s only a childhood friend… or so he says.

Himemiya Makoto

After the introduction, his grandfather gets back on topic. Going straight to the point, he begged her to leave. That way, their family wouldn’t have the bad luck to go bankrupt again. Again, she didn’t take that label too well.


Could You Leave

To prove her innocence, Konoha flaunted her body, saying that a God of Poverty would never have a gorgeous form. However, the other people in the room could only focus on her flat chest.

Poor Looking


That’s definitely a sign of poverty… Well, in some sense.


There is only one way to seal Konoha back into the stone, which is to make her fall in love. Koutarou’s the only option since everyone else who touches her meets misfortune. To accomplish this, the three need a plan.


So soft

And so the operation begins.



Makoto led the first attack, feeding Koutarou by hand. Konoha watches in jealousy.

Say Ah

Embarrassing Scene

So far, so good.

God Jealous Plan

There was a counter from the diety. Taking it further, she tried feeding him with her mouth. The plan’s working… but Makoto couldn’t bear such a sight. She wrestled Koutarou back.

Savor the taste

Accept my hospitality

Delivering the final attack, she fed him with her breasts. Since Konoha’s flat, there’s no suitable response (that would keep the manga safe for teens).

Feed you with my breasts

Well, that applies only for food. Since they’re in the hot springs, Konoha summoned the spirits and turned them into bubbles. She intends to wash his back… with her naked form.

Purify Your Back

Come to my side

Not to be outdone, Makoto followed suit. Stripping off her two piece…


She kicked Koutarou away. It’s just too embarrassing.

You Idiot

After explaining things, Konoha mocked their efforts, saying that she saw through their plans.

You Fools

Worked up

As for the mastermind, she had a very fitting punishment for him.


But, their operation wasn’t a pure failure…



Be my pillow

Or maybe it was? One could never tell.

Carried Away


Quite a bit more fanservice this chapter. Noticeably more from Makoto. Not complaining since the “childhood friend” relationship appeals to me, much like Tsugumi from Kannagi. However, due to her job as a shrine maiden, I’m a bit surprised that she went that far. But, good thing that she stopped. Blushing embarrassment~

Definitely a solid series. Funny and cute. A winning combination that’s making me put this ahead of Kannagi.  At least for now…

Final thought: When is Konoha ever going to have some underwear on?


3 Responses

  1. Makoto is drawn almost exactly like Mio from K-ON

  2. Oh my… What a feeding session and purification ritual…

    I like Konoha’s expressions :)

  3. what manga is this?

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