The World That Only God Knows – Chapter 55

Memories haven't gone away


Having “purified” so many girls, Keima is finding himself in a dire situation.

Brief Summary

Taking on the challenge, the girls began preparations for the next test. With a little help from a familiar face, they’ll ace the exam.

What the hell

However, Keima notices one thing. They’re all former containers of evil spirits. Therefore, they have fallen in love with him… unless their memories were rewritten like Elsea claims.


Believing her words, Keima decided to help out. Proving that his skills are useful in areas outside of games, he quickly wrote up the questions that would be in the next exam. In addition, he’ll spend time with each girl to give some personal assistance.

Too inefficient

Time Allocation I

The fair time division had to be adjusted when another person joined the study group.And it’s Keima’s luck that the newcomer is Kanon, one of the earlier girls who he worked on.


Time Allocation II

Everything seems to go fine… up until he got to Kanon.

Student 1

Student 2

Student 3

Though with good intentions, Elsea actually made things worse.



Judging by their reactions, Elsea may not be telling the truth.


Must be


Uh oh. Big problem incoming. Though their memories were wiped like Elsea claims, it wasn’t complete. The beginning of the series hinted about this. After capturing the spirits, all the girls still a romantic interest for Keima though they don’t know the reason why. Still, should all of them remember at once, I wonder who will Keima choose. Elsea doesn’t seem like a viable choice… so… maybe an open ending? Personally, I hope it’s either Hakua or Shiori…

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