Canaan – Episode 2


I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.



Let’s break this down into four parts.

1. Showers

We’re blessed with the same fanservice that Liang Qi endowed us in the premiere episode. This time, it’s Alphard in the steam.



2. Meatbuns

Yunyun has a secret. Notice anything different from her first appearance?

Something's not right

Hint: They come in pairs…



She moaned… Don’t touch there! Ah~


He groaned… These cost money!


Hey Shin! Is this how you want Ranka to serve those meatbuns?

3. Taxi!

Now, to introduce the best taxi driver in anime history! Not only is he manly enough to take on strangers fleeing from a deranged gunman…

Best Taxi Driver Ever


But he’s also an otaku as well. You need music to stir your soul! In this case, singing to moe~ moe~ HIGH TENSION!!!

Otaku Spirit


Plus, he made his taxi fly… FUCK YEAH!!!


Flying Taxi

4. Canaan vs. Old Guy

The fight between the two on top of the bus was amazing. So elegant in the way she disarmed him. Plus, she wasn’t the one to end him. Well, not directly.

Character A

Character B

The difference between the two is clear.

Point 1

One down!

Point 2

Two down!


Three’s the charm?




Guess not.

Finally, a cat is fine too.




Sure, there was that bit of action in the beginning when Alphard freed herself from the convoy. However, she had the aid of a helicopter and used guns. On the other hand, Canaan used a pipe against a crazy old coot while on top of a moving bus. Both scenes were great but Canaan’s more impressive. Just like how Maria’s still stupid. Gawd, I hate her even more now.

Plenty of laughs with this episode, especially with Yunyun and the taxi driver. Plenty of action with Alphard and Canaan. Soon, plenty of fanservice? The preview certainly hints so with the catwoman undressing.


The series is shaping up nicely. This episode won more points but the Maria factor is still there, dragging down the potential of the show. Well, from my perspective at least…  8/10


5 Responses

  1. It is too bad Yunyun has to wear those things at work – she looked great without them!

    haha The taxi driver is awesome! Nice song lol

    Indeed, that fight on a bus was fun :) Well, guns don’t have a chance against a staff anyway :P

    I am glad that you like Maria – she is so energetic! :P Also it looks like she is a professional taxi grabber :P

    My favorite part was… Nyaa! ^_^ :3

  2. haha….first time I see someone complimenting a taxi driver!

    now, if you also add some nekomimi…i guess the anime is worth watching

  3. Looks like you are a true specialist. Did you study about the theme? *lol*

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