Alive -The Final Evolution- : Chapter 62

I've Lost

Because I Can’t Keep Living This Way

Epic showdown… right down to the last minute.

Brief Summary

While the other power users were busy with their own missions, Takumi Yura made a miraculous comeback.  By making a small bubble at the center of his forehead, he was able to deflect the bullet and fake his own death. Once his opponent let down his guard, Yura struck.

No hand

Without his right hand, the soldier can’t fight, ultimately useless. Knowing that, he asked for death. Right before administering it, Yura asked for his name.

Kill me

See ya

Despite losing his hand, Carl didn’t give up. Using his left, he picked up the gun…

I lived through killing


And he fired a single shot, right before his existence was snuffed out.

One shot

One kill

In the end, the fight between Yura and Carl was a draw… Neither survived.



An amazing end to an amazing battle. I knew something was up with the last chapter. Yura’s technique had to have some kind of defense… and it almost came out the way I predicted. I wonder why he didn’t make a complete column of bubbles to encircle him. That way, he’ll be invulnerable from all sides. Maybe there’s a limit to the number of bubbles he can make. Either way, too late to find out now.

All that’s left is Taisuke to get over his emotions and for Hirose to awaken.


3 Responses

  1. Some interesting art :) I especially like “Carl Adler” panel.

  2. I love that panel with Carl Adler aiming the gun even when he’s getting blown apart… that look in his eyes! It’s amazing. I love this chapter.

  3. carl,,,,,,hiks hiks,,,,it’s hurt to know u’ll not be there again,,,,

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