Princess Lover – Episode 1


Which one would you pick?

I’ll have the one on the far right… plus the tea.


There is only two things on my mind after watching this episode. The first is the Saber clone with breast implants. Do not want.


Plus implants


Sylvia van Hossen

The second is Fujikura Yuu. “A real maid” that I do want.

Perfect Maid

Well I am a maid

What else do you see me as

A real maid

Blushing down

Blushing up



I’m really disappointed in Teppei for turning her down. I mean, the choice between spending quality time with a pure maid or having a grueling spar with a complete stranger… Which would you rather have?



Yuu kinda resembles Siesta from Zero no Tsukaima. Though I hope she won’t be as forceful as that maid, the OP and ED may hint otherwise.


Dressed Up



A schoolgirl is fine too.


I don’t have high hopes for Princess Lover. It’s the same as most harem series like They Are My Noble Masters. However, with the introduction of Yuu, I have at least one reason to follow this… Can’t resist the maid…

Yuu Fujikura

6 Responses

  1. Yes, I knew you would spot that maid – she can even blush! :P

    Hmm… Which one to pick… Well, since the other girls have oversized assets, I’ll have to go with the girl in red uniform :P Plus, she has a tie :)

  2. Saber clone…..nah
    saber is a whole lot better than this “clone”, ¬o¬.
    I love how the maid is shy type…n¬n

  3. @Kitsune
    You should look harder at the swimsuits. All of them have oversized assets… BUT ONLY ONE CAN PROPERLY SERVE YOU TEA!

    A comrade in maid worship?

  4. hahaha Goshujin-sama, eh? :P

    Based on shots at 0:52 at 1:16 of the OP, I still say that the girl in red has just the right size! :P However, you are right, it is not about size, but about personality :3

  5. Pads~ or… QUALITY!

  6. Yuu! That’s what I’m saying!

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