Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou – Chapter 1

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The Maou is Born

With a panel like this, it has to be good.

Warning: NSFW image within.

Brief Summary

Sai Akuto transferred to the Konstantin Magic High School in order to be the Great Priest. He will become the shining beacon for mankind and bring happiness to the world. Along the way, he helps an old lady who happens to be the great grandmother of Hattori Junko. After clearing up a misunderstanding, the two students made a pledge…


You fool

A simple pact of friendship. Nothing more…

Pledge of Friendship

My pleasure

When Sai got to school, he had to undergo screening. Similar to the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter series, the magical raven will decide what job the students should go for. As for the transfer student, he’ll be the next demon king.


Trying to do some damage control, Sai goes into a speech about what his true intentions are. As an example, he’ll apply for the cleaning committee.

Cleaning Committee

Unknown to him, the “cleaning” that he’ll do is kill people. Eventually, Junko hears of this and despite their earlier pledge on the train, she makes another one… to kill him.


She's for real

Fending for himself, Sai grabs a hold of her katana. With her magic disrupted, Junko didn’t know how to manage the sudden change in mana. As a result, there was an explosion.

Out of control

She’s unharmed… physically.


Ah Wait

Emotionally though, that’s another matter. As for Sai, he had one hell of a first day.


He's dead


The irony… I found this series moments after checking my Twitter and seeing a fellow blogger’s update.


Apparently, he sees me as a closet lolicon. The few and the proud?

I’m not a big fan of the magic genre but the cover art was so alluring. I love the way Junko looks. Must be the armguard and katana combination. Plus that glare… So chilling!


Definitely something to keep up with. I wonder if Sai will really become the Maou despite his preachings early in the chapter. So much for helping people, eh? As for a certain class representative who tried to kill him, delicious fanservice. Wouldn’t have noticed the first instance if not for the TL note. While I’m looking forward for the two’s relationship to blossom, more scenes like that isn’t unwelcome…


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  1. Stellar! I totally like Hattori’s design, sort of resembles Railgun-chan.

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