Spice and Wolf II – Episode 1

Hangover Horo


Ah~ The summer season is looking better now.

Brief Summary

Kraft Lawrence and his pagan traveling companion continue their journey north, approaching the town of Kumerson. Known for its strict religious policies, it will also host a festival in coming days.




Along the way, the two kept a lighthearted banter between them, teasing each other with certain topics.

Not even my type


Sad Horo

Gloomy Horo

No matter how hard Lawrence tries, Horo with all her sagely wisdom always gets the last word in.

One bed

Before reaching the town’s entrance, they approach a local merchant for fish. During their talk, Lawrence finds out that the man shares the same guild. Fermi Amati was also struck by Horo’s appearance.

Something on my face

Ah no

It truly is love at first sight.

Horo Princess

Lovestruck Amati

The next day, Lawrence went out to do business. Unfortunately, due to a hangover, Horo couldn’t join him. While talking with the customer, the traveling merchant remembers the dream of having his own store.

Bigger Store

That sparked a long conversation with Horo. While he wants to continue traveling with her, Lawrence also wants to achieve his own dream with a store. Torn between the two, he absentmindedly made the suggestion that Horo find her way back to Yoitsu after they reach Niohara.

Go Back Alone

It was only after he said that when he remembered Horo’s words.


However, it’s too late. The two will part ways in the future.

I don't mean that


My main reason following this series is Horo. Playful at times, it’s her emotional side that appeals to me. The feeling of loneliness prior to meeting Lawrence… It proves that even deities like her have weaknesses.

Opening and Ending

The new opening and ending kept the slow tempo of season one’s. Though the ending song’s not as quirky as Ringo Hiyori, the accompanying animation is familiar. As for the opening, I love the part when Lawrence and Horo dance. However, the images seem to be laden with spoilers… or hints of their future.


Are they looking at their future selves?

Season two definitely had a good start, if a bit heavy at the end. Seeing Lawrence and Horo go back and forth at the beginning was so heartwarming and nostalgic. Good times from last year. I got a small laugh with Amati’s reaction but then again, who wouldn’t fall in love with her? As for the final moments of the episode, a tad too serious for me to truly enjoy it. Too much emphasis on how Lawrence is just a man. He wouldn’t be by her side forever, even if he wanted to. They will have to part ways… and he’s just trying to do it sooner so that he can achieve his own dreams.

Horo is love <3


4 Responses

  1. Sounds like you are enjoying this anime :)

    I like Horo’s tail :)

  2. It looks like it got fluffier than season one.

  3. Fluffier tale is a better tail :3 seriously thou, i loved Spice and Wolf, and i cant wait to see more of Spice and wolf II. looks great!

  4. Everyone’s watching for the Horo! Definitely waiting for the next episode but to be honest, I’m more interested with Lawrence and Horo dancing together like in the OP :)

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