Choku! – Chapter 2

Hello There

Twilight Dreams

That was an epic nosebleed.

Brief Summary

For those who don’t remember, Mizuhashi Nao and Serika are now a couple. They’re not exactly normal… or rather, Serika isn’t. She firmly believes that lovers should cover each other in blood and take shits together.

Fated Meeting

As for Nao, he’s far more conservative. Sometimes, he needs a break from all her madness.


Unfortunately, fate dictates otherwise.

Look Up

Epic Nosebleed


There is no escape. None at all.



As it turns out, Serika’s the new library aide who’s responsible for working afterschool hours. Even though Nao didn’t want to stay longer than he had to, her tears guilted him to stay.


With him around, she enjoys his company… and more.

Bishi Aoi


After a while, Nao needed to go to the restroom. When he came back, he found her shivering in fear. Serika scared of being alone in the empty school. That’s why she wanted Nao to be with her.


Everything goes well until it’s time to leave. There was a small problem.



Thinking that she’ll take a while, Nao decided to go too. That is… until he saw something.


Bloody Spirits

After calming down, he realized that the mess was caused earlier that day when he tried hiding outside the restroom. As for Serika, she heard his scream and panicked.

Hiding Spot

After resolving the mystery, a more troublesome problem surfaced. She can’t move.

I don't know

Contrary to all those romantic movies where the guy sweeps the girl away bridal-style, it’s not so easy.


Domestic Violence

A patrolling teacher saw the aftermath.

Anything Wrong

Ghastly Sight

Their evening adventure had a lasting effect. Rumors about a half-girl ghost covered in blood began circulating around the school. Because of them, Serika’s making Nao stay with her the next day.



There really is no escape.


Always impressive with the nosebleeds and shitting. Serika’s definitely the reason why I’m reading this. Nao’s just there to be dragged around and provide some manservice. While it wasn’t as great as the previous chapter’s bridal shot, her reaction in the library was hilarious.

The best part was definitely the beginning when Nao tries to get away from her… only to wind up right beneath the restroom. Wiping away the blood as if it wasn’t a big deal. Epic nosebleed!


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