The World That Only God Knows – Chapter 54

Four Girls

Four Girls And An Idol

Four girls playing music? Sounds familiar…


The chapter’s a nice break from all the spirit catching. Basically, Chihiro follows through her dream of making a band. Both she and Ayumi are on guitar. Elsea’s on bass while Miyako plays the keyboard. Despite the initial energy, the girls face many challenges.

Pointy Nose

lol pointy nose tribute from Akagi/Kaji

Overcoming it all, they manage to form a band. However, something ominous looms ahead…


Kyoto Animation schemes and the invasion begins… There was no warning.

Light Music Club

There were no survivors…


With the exception of that K-ON! insert, a decent chapter. Slow since there’s no epic Keima moments but we can’t forget about all the “purified” girls. Good stuff. Can’t wait to see their concert. Hopefully, no NICE BOWL there…


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