Freezing – Chapter 10


The Visitor From Tibet

Preparations for their first time, eh?

Brief Summary

After the fight against Ingrid, Kazuya Aoi haven’t heard a word from Satellizer Bridgette. That is, until she invited him to the roof.

Holding Hands

Stay Still

What came next was no surprise. Satellizer wanted him to be her Limiter. However, it comes with the one condition that they won’t baptize their stigmas. She doesn’t want the perverted feel of the Ereinbar Suit.



My Limiter

Ever since then, Satellizer treats him differently. No longer does she ignore his existence. She’s even considerate enough to think of him.


However, an invitation to her room is a bit too much…


After all, it’ll be both Kazuya and Satellizer’s first time.

First Time

Preparations must be made.



For such an “ice queen” able to disperse mobs without saying a single word, Satellizer sure is shy. It makes her so much more adorable, seeing her blush in reaction to Kazuya’s words. Plus, the misunderstanding about their “first time”. Even though I’m sure they’re not doing that, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had an accident making the two wind up in compromisng positions.

Sure is nice to see the series pick up again. Definitely staying updated on this one.


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