Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to…

Change of Mind

From the author of Doujin Work, this is fucking epic.

Brief Summary

Aito Yuuki draws manga with the help of his lovely assistant, Ashisu Sahoto. She helps him with everything.


Ulterior Motives


For The Sake Of Work

Sort Of Excited

Of course, he couldn’t help but take advantage of the situation.


Throw in his editor, Otosuna Miharu. She’s the most “normal” one of them all.

She Loves Him

I Hate It

No Way

Despite her harsh exterior, she does have a soft, feminine side.



Thus, Yuuki and Sahoto continue making quality manga under Miharu’s direction…


With a little help from a new assistant, Fuwa.

Take Responsibility



Quite similar to his earlier piece Doujin Work, this focuses on the process of drawing manga. Well, minus the part where Najimi learns to draw ero-ero. Instead, we have someone already enlightened and struggling to find inspiration for more material. Usually involving panties or the like.

Sahoto! She reminds me of Tsuyuri with her nonchanging expression. I wish Yuuki was more thoughtful in the first chapter and request her to wear a maid uniform. That would’ve been much better than groping her for an instant. Now with the arrival of Fuwa, I wonder how she’s going to react with some healthy competition. Either way, Yuuki can’t possibly lose.


3 Responses

  1. […] Thanks to Kokuun [ffviiknight] for the introduction. […]

  2. Thanks for blogging about this series! Don’t worry, more chapters are on the way (yes, I know we haven’t released anything in like 4 months ><)

  3. @Chichiwomoge
    Looking forward to your next release.

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