Not a bad start but one character ruined it all.


Canaan ED

With such a strong start, I’ll have to give this a 7/10. There’s some deductions due to the ED. Simply, it didn’t impress me. However, most of my dislike stems from Maria, that air-headed female photographer.



But before I go any deeper with its faults, let’s go over the good bits.

Canaan has great animation with an intriguing storyline. I’m getting vibes from Kara no Kyoukai with Canaan’s appearance. She resembles Shiki with a different hair color. I’m also seeing some semblance to Skull Man but that’s probably because I’m looking too deep. After all, reporters (will) play an important role in both series. The OP is also nice. It didn’t seem amazing on the first watch but I’m letting it sink in.

Naked Secretary

Canaan Service

The fanservice was also unexpected. I didn’t anticipate that naked secretary bath scene nor how their roles are reversed. Something tantalizing for episode two. Definitely a catch.

See Through Everything

As noted before, Maria is the only downer to this experience. She seems stupid. Completely and utterly stupid.


Bad People

What do you do when you’re being shot at? Do you catch up on old times with your friend or run? Do you wonder if the gunmen are bad guys or run? Sometimes, it’s too much of a stretch. I just can’t stand her.

So while it seems the strongest of all summer shows out right now, CANAAN does have faults. Hopefully, I’ll get over how useless and silly Maria is. Otherwise, she’ll be a damper for the rest of the season.


7 Responses

  1. Ah, its because of her hair color :P

    Actually, I had a very interesting experience regarding this. I was a classmate of a girl that used to be a cheerleader whose looks and voice fit the stupid blond stereotype very well. But after I interacted with her, it was very clear that she is an extremely bright person (she even wanted to be a surgeon).

    Perhaps, Maria will show her other side later ;) Or she’ll just say Uu~ :P

  2. I totally agree with what you said, but I guess I’ll still go ahead and do my own post on it. :) maria is going the be the hate magnet/moeblob of this series..

  3. What did you expect from someone who shares the (almost)same name as a porn star?

  4. @Kitsune
    If bullets were flying around, I would think the natural reaction to be staying alive either by running or hiding, not chatting.

    I already hate her. I don’t see any redemption and that’s kinda sad, considering that this is episode one.

    Oh you… You always know such crucial bits of info, don’t you?

  5. Perhaps I’m so used to the ditz character type that I hardly noticed the extremity of her stupidity, if she is really as awful as you say she is.

  6. @ghost

    Oh, her ditziness is as ditzy as it gets. no doubt about it.

  7. @ghostlightning
    Just a strong emotional response when she showed up compounded with her behavior. I guess it’s instincts…

    We shall see.

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