Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Chapter 8

Let The Madness Begin

The First Twilight II

In the world of Higurashi/Umineko, a loli giving you that face foreshadows your death.

Brief Summary

From the previous chapter, the “children” of the Ushiromiya family discovered the bloody remains of their missing family and friends. Their faces were mutilated almost beyond recognition.

They Don't Have Faces

For At Least 6 Hours

A Little Sick

As for George, he lost something that can never be replaced.

5 People

Shannon was among the dead.

Even Shannon

Shannon Dead

Though he wanted to see her face, his father stopped him, asking what was the last thing George saw when she was alive. His dad didn’t want the gruesome remains to ruin the memory of a beautiful smile.

Last Time

Beautiful Smile

Leave Behind

There was one more thing that George wanted to know. He needed to know Shannon’s answer to his proposal.



After overcoming their grief, the family made their way back to the mansion. Since the murderer used the servant key to get to the storeroom, Natsuhi changed the locks and carried the new key on her own body. She’s the only one who has access to that area.

New Key

Back at the parlor, Jessica offered George more consolation, telling him how Shannon came to her for advice about their relationship. She assured him that his proposal was the happinest moment of her life.



Then Maria joined in the conversation.


While Jessica broke down, Maria learned about the deaths and the corpses’ identities…

Did Someone Die

How Many

News of her mother’s demise didn’t phase the little girl. Instead, she pointed out that all six were chosen to be sacrifices… for the Golden Witch Beatrice.

Not Human


What Did You Say

Her words set in right before the survivors realized that they’re stranded on the island… with the killer among them.

Still On The Island


If you’ve seen Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, you’ll learn at least one thing. When one person goes into crazy scary mode, everyone’s gonna die. Especially the loli. Maria’s words are dooming them all. OyashiroBeatrice-sama… The vibes from Higurashi are coming back. Another nice gruesome ending is in the works.

Poor Shannon. Poor George. Such a gruesome end to their blooming (forbidden) romance… She shall be remembered.


3 Responses

  1. I wonder (hope) if the anime will as gruesome as this.

  2. Yes, you are right about those looks. That laugh and “Chosen by the” panel are very scary, almost as scary as this:

  3. MeruMeru did not foretell murder yet. She is not a messenger from Oyashi– Beatrice.

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