This is Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann minus the mecha.


Initially, I was going to start out the summer anime impressions with Umineko no Naku Koro ni since that’s the only one where I had some background in. However, after watching this, my priorities changed…

modern strange cowboy by GRANRODEO

Looking at the opening, what looks out of place? … I mean, those 3 bright schoolgirls meshes PERFECTLY into a doomsday world where typical shounen characters battle each other out. The ending doesn’t help either. It’s proof… that there can be TOO MUCH fanservice.





So imagine you’re watching this and you get to the end, finishing the episode. The good guy wins and more bad guys arrive, wanting to avenge their fallen comrade. Then all of the sudden, you’re watching three girls sharing their love and expressing it through skinship. What the fuck?!

Aggressive zone by Needless★Girls+

As for the anime itself, I’m reminded of Gurren-Lagann minus the mecha plus power users. Art style’s similar, especially with character designs. Simoun is Yamada Cruz and Yoko/Kamina are respectively Eve Neusch Von Stein/Adam Blade. They’re in a doomsday world where men are powerless against Beastmen in Gunmen Needless and the only way to combat them is with other Gunmen Needless. Cruz is a useless crybaby while Blade and Eve do all the work. So… nothing original here.

Overall, the first episode tells me that NEEDLESS is for fans who want something similar to that over hyped Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann series… or people into yuri-tastic little schoolgirls. It’s your choice.


6 Responses

  1. That’s ok, the foxy anime is coming out soon :P

  2. “I mean, those 3 bright schoolgirls meshes PERFECTLY into a doomsday world”
    By now you should know this statement is true when talking about anime.

    Thanks for saving me from having to watch this. It’s too bad, I had a bit of hope for it. I do not think it should be compared to TTGL in terms of quality.

    P.S. It’s only too much fanservice when it’s breaking new ground. This is not.

  3. Don’t recall TTGL having this much T&A, but hey!

  4. @kakiharaa
    I don’t mean it’s bad. NEEDLESS is geared more for TTGL fans, which does not include me. There are too many parallels in NEEDLESS and TTGL to say they’re entirely different.

    You know you love the ED. I’ve seen your Twitter.


  5. tiernas y lindas un gran anime

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