Mel Kano – Chapter 13



So ends… Kakeru x Hal…

Brief Summary

After entering the Internet café, the first thing Haruka saw was Kakeru… with an unknown girl draped over him. Overwhelmed with emotions, she fled the scene. Kakeru quickly followed.


He caught up to her, but the damage was done. Haruka wanted answers… and he couldn’t lie.

Who is she

Online Girlfriend

Worst Moron Ever

Their relationship is over.

Break up

Bye Bye

A week later, Kakeru was contacted by Haruka… except, she goes by a different name now.


She stopped by to inform him that the true perpetrators behind his character bashing were caught.


Luca also wants him to be her partner. Since it’s the only way for the two to be together, Kakeru accepted.

Don't Call Me That



I love this series. Especially the part with the breakup. Neither Haruka nor Kakeru broke down… at least, not in front of each other. They kept a strong face despite their true emotions. It’s not like other series where the couple would instantly break down or one would keep pining for the other. Well, in some sense, Kakeru still thinks of her… but he’s not acting on those emotions yet.

Interesting to see Kakeru and Luca back to step one. I wonder how they’ll get back together… and what will Myuu do when she learns about his new job.


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  1. I like character design, especially that picture of a girl in a panel “Special someone to call me by” :)

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