Hajimete no Aku – Chapter 24

Tiny Beauties

Before You Leave Home, Be Sure to Bring Your Best Swim Trunks

There’s a good theory in here that will help you swim faster…

Brief Summary

The first- and second-years are the first ones to try out the newly opened school pool. Of course, with the Kyouko Fan Club, their attention is drawn… elsewhere.


After the students had their fun, the instructor informed them that the pool has to be cleaned. That spawned a competition of sorts. A relay race will decide who cleans and who goes.


Kyouko starts the race. Knowing that it’s Jiro’s first time swimming, she wants to make the biggest lead possible. However, against someone adept at swimming, there’s little hope…

Idiots flock together

Or is there? At least something’s helping Kyouko…

Resistance I

That Theory of Water Resistance is verified by the second pair of swimmers.

Resistance II

The final two will decide the outcome of the race. It’ll be Kujou versus Jiro.

Kujou Sukenoshin

Though he had a late start, Kujou caught up and passed Jiro. Everyone’s in awe of his abili– horse.

Crazy Fast


Needless to say, Jiro lost. But, he didn’t mind. He was having too much fun.


lol. This series make laugh every time. Jiro’s too pure and innocent to be a bad guy. Yuki’s commentary is also epic. Nice theory there! Though, it does have some relevance to water resistance.


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