Feature on best anime studios: Sunrise

I’ve been away for over a month. For very good reasons and for no reason at all-not that it really matters. I have blogged all the episodes from spring 09 that needed to be blogged anyway. So I’ve got this idea that would bring me back for a minute. It’s a series of posts that will spotlight the biggest, baddest anime production companies today. If you’re up on your stuff, don’t expect any big surprises. Also, do not be upset if I don’t include your favorite studio- it’s a list of studios that I see as the most important in the past decade or two. Hence these are the guys that shape the anime we love most. The main criteria are animation quality and variety in productions. This series may not be weekly, and there should be about 10 companies total. First up is Sunrise.
Sunrise was founded in 1972 as a subsidiary of Namco Bandai. They are the gundam guys. They also are responsible for several other mecha titles. And a few key Adult swim shows too. This montage should give an idea of how substantially they have contributed to anime over the years.


See you next time space cowboy….


6 Responses

  1. I’ve enjoyed most of their shows but Code Geass will always have a special place in my heart.

  2. As will your photosh00ped posts.

  3. code geas the best but are there any other good sunrise anime really worth while??

    • Cowboy Bebop and city hunter. Code Geas is great but Cowboy Bebop is something you cant compare to any other anime out there ( except Trigun and Gungrave which are as almost in the same league ).

  4. is there a third season of code geass??

  5. is there a second season of mai hime??
    because im a mai hime fanatic!!!!

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