Eureka Seven -Pocket Full of Rainbows-

E7 Movie

This definitely deserves a 10/10.


I was a big fan of Eureka Seven when it aired four or five years ago. When I heard about a movie, I was ecstatic. I assumed it would be a short sequel about Renton and Eureka coming back from the moon. Then I saw the trailer… and scratched my head. It didn’t look like a sequel. Since the characters look the same age, it couldn’t be a prequel either. That left an alternate retelling or worse, a movie-long recap. Needless to say, my expectation bombed.

As it turned out, it was neither a redo nor a recap. The movie’s based on an alternate reality. I didn’t find out until an hour in but by then, I was already immersed in this new show. BONES did a great job, staying faithful to the original TV series and creating a new, original story that’s just as interesting. The outstanding quality from before… still present now.

Most of the old characters reappeared and was unchanged. Dewey’s one of the few that didn’t make the transition. He was murdered early in the movie. I got a nice chuckle when the sage investigating his death learned of his disinterest with “mature bodies” and how he likes adopting orphans. Damn pedophile. Also, the Nirvash got a new look. No longer is it only a mecha, there’s also a squishy fairy form. However, that doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful. She threw a huge piece of armor across the Gekko-Go bay, crushing Hap and Stoner in revenge for their assault on Eureka and for shooting Renton. What I liked most was a tribute to the TV series. In Holland’s flashback. he and the other orphans saw another Earth, but the most distinctive thing was the moon. A giant heart with Renton and Eureka’s name carved into it. Definitely something to remember.

One of my gripes with the TV series is that there was never a fight between Holland and Renton. Sure, we see him punch the kid around but I’m talking about mecha action. Here, there’s an epic fight between Holland in the Devilfish with booster engines versus Renton/Eureka in the Nirvash/TheEnd form. Oh man, it puts the Nirvash vs. TheEnd battle to shame. So many lasers. So many missiles. Just pure awesome.

An amazing experience watching this show. I was just blown away by it all. Plenty of mecha action. Plenty of drama between Renton and Eureka. Plenty of suspense as the mystery of Neverland and the Image played out. Definitely a keeper and I’m waiting for it to hit the States so I can get my own copy.


12 Responses

  1. 10/10 really?

  2. Yes. Everything about it excelled. The story, the music, its animation, etc.

    It deserves a place among the few titles that I’ve given the 10/10 rank to.

  3. personally it didnt make any sense to me…and i was a huge fan of the series, but if its 10 out of 10 for you i can’t really contest it

    • Yeah I was clueless most of the movie too but I kept having “Ohhhh,” and “Aha!” moments so I was okay with it

  4. What happens in the end? I don’t know what happens right when the battle between Renton and Holland ended.

    Clue me in?


    • Eureka gave up her memories to Renton to save his life. Memories because her purpose in life, by the Image, was to store memories and find the weakness to humans. So, Eureka’s ‘life’ is basically all of the memories she’s gathered.

  5. I LOVE that sereise!! i haven’t wached it for a long time thow. ): but i’m going to whach it on my computer!( : And i didn’t now there was a movie!! ( :!!

  6. Gonna go check it out now. I’ll let y’all know what I think. =D

  7. i really hope they bring eureka 7 good night sleep tight young lovers to a dvd cuz i missed the one night premier :(

  8. xxx….21458.-BOOM

  9. i actually watched the movie last night!! it was amazing for me
    it actually give different feelings from the anime, but the most interesting is the fight between holland and renton, your right just pure awesome, and the eureka with long hair omg!! so cute!!
    I’ve given this movie a rank of 10/10!!

  10. I thought the same exact thing. When I first heard about it (today by accident) I didn’t want to watch it cuz the summary was telling me it was like totally different universe that uses the same characters. Then I watched it and I was like O.O EPICNESS!! I love how Eureka isn’t clueless to everything and has a little sass in her :D Part where she’s like “Even spy robots need to use the bathroom!” with an attitude made me laugh. I want to watch it more but megavideo is EVIL! I can’t watch the whole movie at once! >:( I still love this movie though :D

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