Claymore – Chapter 93


Disciple of Demise

Oh man. Awakened Rafaela/Luciela looks amazing.

Brief Summary

Clare snaps out of her dream only to find a massive beast standing before her, continuously powering up. Meanwhile, Deneve and Helen arrive. Sensing Clare’s Yoki at the center of chaos, they rush to her location to provide backup. Uma and Cynthia remain the the back, healing their wounds. As for Riful and Dauf, they recognize that the newly awakened being is too powerful to fight. Instead, they’re watching the show at a safe distance… or so they thought.


The Abyss Feeders attacked without warning. Although they got a few early hits, Riful quickly countered and took their lives. However, their numbers are many and the last Abyssal One is commiting the same mistake as  Isley. She’s not taking them seriously enough.

Carve You Up

To make matters worse, the top Claymores of the Organization make their appearance. Alicia and Beth, numbers 1 and 2, made clear their intention. Riful was to fall now.

The First Target


Woah. Very impressed by Rafaela/Luciela. It reminds me a little of the Teresa/Clare statue. Symbolic and I can’t wait to see what abilities it has. As for Riful and Dauf, they’re screwed… So very screwed.

The Abyss Feeders should be enough on their own. There’s at least five left and all of them are quickly learning Riful’s abilities. I’m surprised she hasn’t gone into her fully Awakened form since a quarter of her head is… gone. Then again, she has a huge body so that means a larger area to defend. Adding Alicia and Beth into the equation is just overkill. There’s no one left to help Riful and Dauf. Clare, Helen, and Deneve will be going against the merged sisters. Uma and Cynthia are still regenerating limbs. Unless Rafaela/Luciela makes a beeline for Riful, the last Abyssal One will fall.


8 Responses

  1. Oh no! That poor girl! :(

  2. All the signs are pointing to Riful’s doom. Therefore Riful will survive. Guaranteed.

  3. @Kitsune
    She’s real deadly. Never underestimate Riful. In fact, never underestimate lolis.

    Or is that what the author wants us to think?

  4. In fact, never underestimate lolis.

    haha Very true :P

  5. If Riful acts stupid/arrogant she’ll die by the next threee chapters. If the Org has more of these Feeders then Riful, Dauf, and Priscilla are done for. Enough said if the Awaken sisters start attacking Priscilla first then she’s gonna die in at a maxinum of three chapters or less. I guess the Feeders and the twins are the Orgs Ace in the Hole……a little substitute for Teresa

  6. The Abyss Feeders won’t go for Priscilla unless they have a piece of her flesh. As Baka-Raptor noted, Riful’s setting off tons of death flags but it may be a trick. Who knows? Clare’s involved so there might be another powerful in the works. After all, Rafaela didn’t sacrifice herself for nothing.

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