Yume de Aetara – Chapter 135 (End)



The end of the series… and I am touched.


Yume de Aetara started as a slapstick romance before developing into something… more. While it didn’t get as good as Train Man, this was still an enjoyable experience.

It's Useless

A Guy Thing

Everything you expect from a typical romance is here. Fuguno Masuo is the earnest guy who just happens to do the wrong thing at the wrong time. Nagisa Shiozaki is the perfect girl who’s inexperienced with love but picky with men. The combination of his bad luck and her stubborness creates a wealth of misunderstandings that get blown way out of proportion. So for readers who are just starting out, expect a long run of silly stories that don’t do much with Fuguno/Nagisa’s relationship. More for comedy and fleshing out the characters.


Thank You


After passing through half the series, that’s when things start picking up. No longer is it one misunderstanding followed by another. The two are really committed to each other and their relationship blooms, if a bit slow.

Let's Go

Going Back


A complete rollercoaster of events, even when they’re in a relationship. One step forward, two steps back.



I Do

I guess after going through more than 100 chapters, I was just waiting for it to finish. Been a while since I’ve come across a romance that is so simple. Hard work wins over all… even if it goes about a lengthy way to prove it. Yet, all good things must come to an end.

The ending’s nothing spectacular. There’s no afterward about how the future’s like after his proposal. A clean ending… much like the series itself. Because of that, I can’t find anything to complain about.

Overall, a good work that focused a tad too much on the drama… Otherwise, a heartwarming love story.


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  1. There is actually chapters 136 – 143

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