Bleach – Chapter 364

It's Over

Grinning Revengers

Can’t say it’s too surprising… but still a great development.

Brief Summary and Impressions

Already matched by their current opponents, the arrival of a new enemy only tipped the balance in Aizen’s favor. There is no hope… until several familiar faces appeared. Former captains and vice captains, victims of hollowification… Also known as Vaizards. They’re claiming their revenge upon the one man who took so much away.

Long Time No See


Despite their arrival, I don’t think the Vaizards will make that much of an impact. Sure, they might join forces with the current captains to kill off more Espada like Barrangan. But, Kisuke and Yoruichi are needed and of course, Ichigo and company who are stuck in Hueco Mundo.

Yet, a nice setup for some more action. The previous chapters were nothing short of sheer boredom. None of the new abilities stuck out to me. I’m not impressed at all by Soi Fon’s bankai. Surely there’s more to her attack… The Vaizards’ arrival make the perfect opportunity to show what that is.


3 Responses

  1. This is the opposite of shocking.

  2. As noted in preview text.

  3. sure the Vaizards were expected, but what surprised me really was that thing with Ukitake, there wasn’t any setup to it, just went boom, personally, I think it’s probably just cause Ukitake and Shunsui are my favorites,

    I kinda have the feeling that he’ll die, I mean he’s sick right, I think, well I remember him coughing alot

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