New Figurines! – Part 1


The Calm Before The Storm

They came in two weeks ago, but this is the first time I’ve touched them.

The Purchasing Side

About four months ago, my friend and I were envious of other bloggers with their figurines. It wasn’t only individual collections but also those displayed by vendors at overseas conventions. In awe and also with some cash to spare, we did our part to help the global economy.

Rei in Packaging

If you’ve been following me, you’ll know what I prioritize. The top two are in the order of 1) Ayanami Rei followed closely by 2) Maids. When I first heard about this new Kotobukiya masterpiece, my hands were shaking in delight and before I knew it, I was reaching for my wallet. I managed to rein in my instincts and wait for my friend to think over his picks. After several days, I lost my patience and it was “Do or Die”.

Miku in Packaging

I managed to lead him away from GUNDAM models and into the realm of figurines. After all, which would you rather have? A clunky Zaku or an elegant Saber Lily? And yes, he chose the Saber Lily. In the meantime, I added Hatsune Miku to my wishlist. I’m new to the figurine collecting and never had one with moveable joints. Plus, it’s a one-up to my friend who only got one while I ordered two. Something about stupid male pride.

Miku Box Back

With the preparations made, the next task is to find a supplier, someone reliable and cheap. We had money but not too much. You know how poor college students are. After looking around, HobbySearch turned out to be the cheapest one with a great reputation. Haggling a bit, we placed our preorders and made sure that all three figurines will come in one box (cheaper shipping I think?). However, Saber Lily’s release date was postponed or something so only my selections made the trip across the Pacific. Poor Saber… having to travel alone…

My Rei <3

And now, I just learned how to tame my family’s digital camera. It only took two hours to deal with some faulty drivers. I would have more images up but most of the early shots turned out blurry. I’ll be making another batch tonight that will (hopefully) have crisp images.

For the next post, be sure to expect some awkward poses, a cup of tea, and blue frilly panties.


3 Responses

  1. That’s great! Congratulations on your excellent purchase :)

    That Rei figure looks nice :) As for Miku, you could have manufactured it yourself :P

  2. OMG, Rei maid! Something about that tickles me XD

  3. She’s well worth her price… and it shows. “You get what you paid for.” My other figurines, a quarter of the cost… are nothing in comparison to the quality of Maid Rei. My best wife!

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